Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Ultimate Energizer Guide

Put a stop on anything you are doing. Sit down and settle in for one of the most fascinating rides of your life. You are going to freak over what i have to share with you here: I am going to expose a staggering invention from the 1900's that has cut ice in the birth of the naval revolution, secretly powered the first modern submarines, a revolutionary discovery that helped thousands like yourself to completely get rid of their power bill! The electric companies and government agencies
squashes this cutting-edge device until today... in one of the biggest cover-ups in the contemporary history. These financial pied-pipers are counting on your ignorance and fear to make you believe that there is no other option... but to pay through your nose... for their criminally high electricity costs... when all this time... they should have requited you big time for the electricity you produce...

Here's the story: 23rd May 1878, New Jersey. A school teacher and Irish patriot named John P. Holland embarks on the most important voyage of his life. In fact, this was the birth of the NAVAL revolution, because this brave man was about to attempt the first sail with the submersible ship in history, on the waters of the Passaic River in New Jersey. No one would pin faith on that because at that time it seemed like another silly highbrow goal. But still thousands of people gathered to witness the event. Holland was confident that he could win, and he was sure he could rely on his invention. So, there goes nothing. John P. Holland squeezes himself into a cramped space, just 3 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet, and he cuts and runs. But Holland should have stayed in bed, because the boat almost instantly sinks to the river bottom and has to be pulled up to the surface. The press is unforgiving... One paper congratulates him on getting the boat immediately to the bottom, without even the assistance of a captain. The sinking worries Holland. He needs to keep his financial Irish backers happy. Not about to give up, he repairs the leak in the sub and launches again. This time, the boat goes down... and then comes up! The race for the perfect sub suddenly becomes the bee in Holland's bonnet. He keeps trying to make NEW and improved models. After falling out with his Irish backers, he turns to his adoptive country for a support. But the US Government tries to ride herd on his designs, and the frustrated Holland goes back to work for himself. 

After more than 20 years of financial struggle, public ridicule and frustrating dead ends, comes Holland's breakthrough - The Holland VI. This vessel grabs the attention of the US Navy. And on March 14th 1900 Admiral Dewey observes the Holland VI trials on the Potomac River, with young aide, Lieutenant Harry Caldwell. This time, all went as loose as a goose, and both the Lt. Caldwell an Admiral Dewey were impressed with the capability of the submarine. The brilliance of Holland's design was recognized and commissioned into the US Navy in 1900 as the USS Holland. He became the first man to drive a submersible ship for 2 miles at 15 foot depth. After a few days upon docking the Holland VI on what today is known under the name of Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine, the first man to give him the glad hand was NOT the Admiral, NOT even his wife, NOT even the US Senator William M. Stewart who had waited for him personally. Holland ran to a man who silently watched over the entire operation and secretly made that success possible. Gone out of his skull, he jumped into his arms and said: "Thank you Mr. Riker! I couldn't have done it without you." Andrew L Riker was a scrapheap inventor that Holland considered to be a square guy. And as you'll discover, he was the man with the smarts behind all of this. It was a huge success for the US Navy and for John Holland. But the event had a dirty little secret from the beginning of the mission. Only 3 people from the technical team... knew all the angles of the submarine. Newspapers, spectators, even the US Navy Didn't Have To Know All The Answers about what was going on inside Holland's ship. 

And why Andrew Riker was the magic ingredient in this success? You see, at first sight everything looked normal with the sub's engine... but in a secret compartment they put Riker's invention. You must keep in mind that the submarines of that time were not the billion-dollar masterpieces as they are today. Here's how the Holland VI submarine worked: The official US Navy document stated that the Holland VI used a hefty and noisy gasoline engine to sail on the surface, and then switched to battery power to stealthily go beneath the waves and attack undetected. But a submarine with a gasoline engine has an Achilles Heel that imperils not only its greatest strength, stealth but also its safety. Although the gasoline engine worked well on paper, the engine had flaws. Gasoline is highly flammable and unstable. Using this fuel in a confined environment such as the submarine put the crew under the gun. That's why everybody was screaming: “Navigating a submarine is nothing but waiting inside a grenade ready to blow." Finding a safer means of propulsion was needed if the submarine was ever to submerge for long periods of time. Howland encountered the usual difficulty in obtaining the right engine. He almost despaired of finding a solution for one. So, here's how we got in luck. CHANCE took Holland to an electrical exhibition at Madison Square Garden. Thousands of "basement inventors" came there, hoping someone would be interested in their device and buy it for a buck or two. And he wondered throughout the exposition trying to get his mind together. Holland picked up one particular
 model of a weird Charging Station design for a country home. The charger powered a battery bank which powered a small house fan from practically thin air. There were no wires connected at all! To or from this device. "That is what I want for my boat!", he shouted. He promptly asked the inventor of that marvelous charger: "Would you care to join my technical crew for building and developing the first modern submarine?" And in a few days, Andrew Riker installed his marvelous invention on the Holland. But for the development of Andrew L. Riker, a unique charger that could draw enormous amounts of energy from the local environment, the submarine might never have risen from the bottom of the ocean. 

Just to clear things out, Holland VI had a speed of 7 knots on the surface and 5 knots submerged. He could stay underwater for just a day before the batteries ran out. And that forced the submarine to surface, giving the advantages of concealment and run on top of the water, so it could recharge its batteries for further submerged cruising. So do the math yourself, and you'll figure it out that those performances wouldn't be enough for the Navy to rely on this machine to win a war. Most people wouldn't care about the small details. They just wanted to see the thing sinking and coming up again, doing the job. And thanks to this "BALL-BUSTING" Charger, John P. Holland managed to accomplish the first important step in the underwater naval history. The people were happy, the Navy was happy. IT WAS CLASSIC! 

But who was the enigmatic man behind the UNIQUE CHARGER that had changed naval history? WHO WAS Andrew Riker? 

Andrew L. Riker was born in 1868... He grew up in a comfortable home belonged to a Boy Scout Troop and was passionate about building all kinds of ingenious toys. In his youth he was a different breed of cat than any other kid of his age. When he was just 16, in 1884 Andrew L. Riker dropped out of school after the first year of college and started experimenting with electric motors and a battery that he'd built to his dad's Coventry bicycle. The work in his parents' basement resulted in A TWO-PASSENGER TRIKE that had a 25-mile range, using a series of led-sulfuric acid batteries. Like the bikes of that time, it had a tubular steel frame, wire wheels and pneumatic tyres. His father just stood there, pop-eyed of the genius of his son. 

It was no surprise that he would become a big time inventor, but no one could ever hunch that he would invent THE ENERGIZER - a device that could give people energy independence. 

In 1888, Andrew Riker founded the small Riker Electric Vehicle Company based in Elizabeth Port, New Jersey. But on the grounds of political influences and industrial monopolies that were growing bigger and bigger those days, Riker's company was absorbed by the electric vehicle company after a few years. He was disappointed and felt that he belonged among wires wheels and batteries. Always trying to invent very simple things that could help other people and give them a better life. Years passed, and he remained the same: working all day long in his basement, living in his own mind, and training of changing the world. Most of the people called Andrew a work freak, a workaholic. But there were some other kinds of people who became interested in his work. Here's how it all happened: Andrew Riker was by chance in the right spot at the right time, presenting his newest invention at the Madison Square Garden electrical exposition. That was the day John P. Holland shouted: "That's what I want for my boat!" He put all his efforts in adapting his device, originally created to power a small house, to work as and unlimited time charger for the battery bank of the submarine. The moment of revelation stroke Riker like a lightning bolt when he was playing with the compass and a magnet, working on the deck of the submarine. He discovered that by passing the magnet across the campus, it would develop a movement. A movement that, he realized, could generate endless amounts of free electricity. HERE IT IS! 

He found that by using some coils placed strategically around a rotor stacked with magnets and a few electrical circuits to drive at all, he could generate a current that comes practically from the Free Energy around us. That was the moment when he Froze In Front of This Brilliant Thought. He discovered how to tap into the free energy of the Earth's magnetic core! Let me clear things up. The Earth is a giant magnet that generates every second billions a volts. That energy cannot be seen or felt by us, unless we have the right TOOLS to tap into it. This type of free energy is the same type as the "free energy" hydro-electric plants use. Water from a lake powers generators and flows on down the river. The lake though, is constantly replenished by springs, run-off etc. Essentially, the SUN is responsible for keeping this system "perpetual". The SUN may burn out, but the total energy mass Remains Constant within the cycling universal system. That was the discovery that would revolutionize the world! And based on this principle, he created and adapted this generator to power Holland's submarine, to help him reach what was previously beyond any human's reach. 

After John P. Holland managed to bring into being the world's first modern submarine, JOHN HOLLAND became a hero. Holland was granted a patent for his new submarine design on September 9th, 1902. As Holland's waters were calming down and new innovations in the submarine industry were constantly developing, Andrew Riker decided to make his miraculous device public, because he really wanted to help other people. Obviously, he didn't come clean with the fact that the CHARGER was "guilty" for Holland's success. Why was that? Because meanwhile the Navy knew about the existence of Riker's device. 

The big Energy "Fat Cats" and Oil Company Monopolists pumped millions of dollars in the US Navy, just to keep that brilliant device a secret. Obviously, they wanted to encourage the oil and electricity consumption, not a device that can generate FREE electricity. But in a strange sequence of events details of Holland's success leaked, and Riker was finally able to show his device to the people. For the Big Electricity and Oil Companies it was a bad day at the Black Rock. But they couldn't STOP the newspapers from providing "infor-taining" news to a public hungry for sensational news. The first experiments with the charger were held at US Navy's warehouse in Elizabethport, NJ, under the strict surveillance of major general M.C. Butler. The device demonstrated that New Jersey was a small-scale model of what Riker hoped would be, developed on a larger scale... and would help the average American generate FREE ELECTRICITY for his home. Andrew Riker first showed the US Navy how his model worked. Then he supervised US Navy scientists on building their own working model and installing them in their diesel-electric submarines. THAT WORKED PERFECTLY. Major Butler said to the high-class engineers to whom he presented this device: "They were hooting it up at the way the rotor was spinning and were cocksure it wouldn't work". BUT IT DID WORK! 

Major Butler comments to reporters after demonstrations were done: "The whole thing is so mysterious and doubtful that it has the appearance of using a trick... I was extremely suspicious when I saw the first model, but I helped building the second one and witnessed the winding of the coils. And what I can tell you is that I'm sure there was nothing fake about it..." 

It was the US Navy experiments that generated a string of stories in the national press. Stories with OUTRAGEOUS HEADLINES in the New Jersey Journal, Trenton Times, Newark Daily Advertiser, Jersey Journal, and many more. Most of them tagged the device demonstrated in Elizabethport as the "ULTIMATE ENERGIZER". 

And there were pictures of Major Butler talking to Riker with the charger. For the Big Electricity Fat Cats this only meant bad news. They couldn't believe their eyes of what was happening. The incredible ENERGIZER they tried lean and mean to suppress, was now presented to the public. They had to do something. Shockingly, Riker suffered a tragic accident and a demonstration in Trenton. A short-circuit caused a very large current flow, and he became paralyzed by a discharge of a battery from the apparatus he was working on for years. It's kind of weird that the inventor of the charger got electrocuted by his own masterpiece. This man is a role-model. He remained paralyzed until he died at the age of 62. But he didn't want to sell the patent of his ENERGIZER, hoping that one day someone will put a use to his invention on a larger scale! 

Over the years, tons of scientists have looked into the discovery but none could figure it out. NOT EVEN TODAY. Moreover, some say that it violates the principle a perpetual motion. People stayed in the dark for over 100 years, paying hundreds of dollars every month for something that should be theirs ABSOLUTELY FREE. If you are in the same situation, you probably haven't done anything about it. But now, all that will end. Right now, I'm going to reveal to you something that will change your life FOREVER! 

After Andrew Riker died in 1930, it seemed that the opportunity to see THE ENERGIZER in action and to actually use it to generate electricity without depending on the electric company was all but lost. Until today. After years of research in painstaking investigation I finally traced the loss plans of the energizer to a man who was SECRETLY benefiting from them for over 25 years! With the condition of not divulging his identity, the man told me that he was the nurse who stood beside the bed of Andrew L. Riker in his final 
months. In return of his unconditional friendship, Mr. Riker gave him the briefcase with the plans for building the notorious ENERGIZER just before he died. He was finally prepared to carry on Riker's dream... to help every American obtain ENERGY INDEPENDENCE! And CUT THE CORD from those rotten Electricity Companies! He was determined to share with the world the SECRET of how he managed to LIVE OFF THE GRID for the past 25 years and NOT PAY A SINGLE PENNY ON ELECTRICITY! Only with THE ENERGIZER! 

Well, you'd better believe I didn't waste any time sitting this guy down and picking his brain about everything he knew... And what he told me blew my mind... He told me how I can manufacture my own parts with the minimum skill for a fraction of the cost of my monthly electricity bill. He showed me where to get the materials I needed at the best prices.... and walked me through the whole process of building my home energizer step-by-step. I couldn't believe that someone like me with so little experience was able to build MY OWN HOME POWER SYSTEM from start to finish! "I'll bet you think I'm pulling your leg, right?" Hey, I thought this sounded too good to be true, too. Here's what convinced me otherwise:  From the very first month I had my system up and running, I noticed a significant change in my electricity bill. Commonly my electric bill is around 130-150$ dollars, but this time I was looking at a 2-figure number. I couldn't believe it. It was just $20 and a few cents! It blew my mind... My homemade Energizer just saved me over 100 bucks! At that time this was AN AWESOME DEAL. And it kept getting better! Once I tuned up the system, the next bill was even better. It was next to nothing! That was twenty years ago. Now I am COMPLETELY ENERGY INDEPENDENT! I finally managed to outfox The Big Energy Company, and now more than ever I am able to spit in the face of those greedy energy monopolists. Not long ago, my friends and neighbors started asking me to show them how I did it. They wanted to know how to take this first step to a more rewarding life and break FREE from the ropes and chains of the Electricity Monopolists. And that was the moment to get through my head. THIS WASN'T JUST ABOUT ME and a few others! "I Knew There Were Thousands Of Americans Out There... Who Were Just As Angry As I Was About Rising Electricity And Heating Costs..." 

I'm convinced that there are many others like me... who are willing to be in the forefront rather than waiting until the future is upon us. And we all know where this economy is going. These are the people who have another powerful force shaping their attitudes as never before... And that's ANGER, righteous anger, with all those Government Agencies who are both lying to us and dreadfully mismanaging our wealth. These are those who are fearless and ready to take the matter in their hands and stand up for what they love the most - their homes and families! So, I went to see that man again. And I was going to lean on him to reveal all his knowledge... all his underground knowledge about building and installing the Energizer system. We spent months writing a detailed manual, not to mention testing everything to make sure anyone could use it. 

And after a truckload of work the Ultimate Energizer Guide was born! 

The Ultimate Energizer Guide is a simple easy to follow step-by-step guide. In fact, it's so simple A BABY could do it. That empowers you to slash your power bill by 75% or more almost overnight... and enables you to become energy independent... freeing yourself FOREVER from the firm grasp of the Big Energy Fat Cats. We designed this Guide for every single one of you. Even if you have two left hands, you'll be able to set the system up and running in no time. 

Here's what you'll get with The Ultimate Energizer Guide: 

- A professionally designed manual that will show you EVERY STEP in the process of building your own super efficient ENERGIZER for a fraction of the cost of one month's utility bill, including: How to choose the right MATERIALS at the best price. We've done all the work for you. This allows you to go directly to the store... with the best prices... and buy the materials you need for your Energizer without the stress of searching for them for weeks. HINT! The list of items costs just $98 and will last for years. - How to manufacture your own parts & pieces with the minimum effort. Your Ultimate Energizer will take shape before your eyes, and will be fully functional in less than 2 hours... - How to build a fully transportable device. The first thing I did I bought a remote beach house. I love to suck up the cool invigorating salt air, and only the rich get to do that. And because you can take your energizer wherever you need, you can use 
this free energy even in high altitude locations. Discover how to get the optimal use from your Energizer setup. Get the inside scoop on how to tune up your Energizer to get the maximum output. Just imagine the thrill of going to bed a week from today... knowing you've just saved thousands on electricity... 

And that's not all. 

You'll get The Ultimate Energizer Guide in electronic format, so you can have instant access and Go And Start Your Project Right Away. WE WALK YOU THROUGH EVERY STEP ALONG WITH INCREDIBLE VISUAL INSTRUCTIONS AND DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT ALL THE COMPONENTS YOU NEED. This easy to follow Guide is the revolutionary way to unlock the energy independence secret that Big Electric and Oil Companies have been keeping for themselves. 

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As a result, governments and corporations are searching for a viable alternative energy sources. But while solar power and ethanol fuel have seen advances, neither will meet current global energy demand. Consider these mind-boggling facts about other alternative energy sources: - Oil and gas are non-renewable resources and subject to supply interruptions. - Coal is dirty, labor-intensive, and dangerous to workers. - Wind power has to be heavily subsidized. - Fuel cells are still searching for a breakthrough technology. - Electrical power dams have reached the point of diminishing returns... and are subject to severe environmental restrictions. 

"So, How Do You Survive And Prosper In This Scenario?" 

Only with this once in a lifetime opportunity to get your own Ultimate Energizer Guide. Just imagine what you could do if you weren't forced to pay $100 or more every single month on electricity... Or worse, if you are among those who are forced to take out $300 from their pocket for electricity every month, The Ultimate Energizer could help you save more than $6700 by the end of this year. So put a bottle of champagne on ice and get revved up for some lobster, because you're going to be celebrating in just a few days. You are suddenly FREE to take care of other expenses, like redecorating your kitchen, or taking your wife and children to a dinner every once in a while, or you can use the extra cash to make your retirement more enjoyable. Plus, you'll be one of the good guys  "pulling the plug" on the big power monopolies and generating 100% CLEAN ENERGY that's good for the Earth! "Just Imagine How You'll Feel Having Your Own Source Of Power When Power Plants All Over The Country Are Shutting Down..." While you're watching this, we clearly are heading for ECONOMICAL DISASTER. The United States faces an unfunded liability of 69 trillion dollars - that's trillion, not billion - representing five times current GDP and double of our national wealth. The economist who wrote this report declared the US Government is on the edge of technical bankruptcy. Think that won't happen anytime soon? Economists are already predicting it. 

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Here's what you'll find inside The Ultimate Energizer Guide Complete Step-By-Step Plans And Instructions: - How to manufacture your own parts and pieces. - A full list of tools and how to use them properly, because there are a ton of experts out there telling people how to do it wrong. - How to assemble your Energizer in less than 2 hours, backed up by full-color pictures and diagrams we designed for easy understanding. Get the inside scoop on how to make your energizer even more powerful and learn all about our scaling secret, so you can get off the grid or even GET PAID FOR THE ELECTRICITY you produce. It's incredibly easy to build, even for a complete noob, because the guide allows you to see not only how your energizer should look, but how you will use it. It's like being in the same room with an expert instructor right at your side, helping you get this built in the fastest and easiest way possible. "It's About Living Well... And That Is The Best Revenge..." So it would make a lot of sense to charge a small fortune for The Ultimate Energizer Guide. In fact, the only reason we're charging a fee for these amazing documents is only to cover our research & development costs. 

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2nd free BONUS - "Stopping Power Meters". Like any high-grade scientific instrument designed to accurately measure an electrical parameter (energy in kilowatt-hour) under specific operating conditions and in an ideal environment, they lose accuracy when they're operating in environmental conditions of less than ideal. Learn how to use all these factors and other tips & tricks in our advantage! 

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  1. I bought the Ultimate Energizer in electronic form. Having down loaded the parts section my computer was attacked by a virus and I lost the rest of the file. However I felt confident that I could build the generator but item number four on the parts list did not state the voltage. I sent an email asking for assistance; regretfully I am still waiting for a reply. Not a good sign

  2. I also bought this under the 60 day cancellation agreement. Trouble is, there is no one to cancel it with and get a refund. Stay Away and keep your money.

  3. So your charging the public for something that the inventor wanted the public to have for free what a joke

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