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Hendershot Generator

From today forward your life won't be the same. You're about to become energy free after years of suppression.

The Man who changed the energy history. We're about to unleash a powerful invention from 1927 that secretly "powered" the famous col. Charles Lindbergh's Aircraft on his voyage. To be the first to cross the atlantic by airplane without stopping. 

Discovery that has helped thousands of other people like yourself slash their electric bill by up to 100%! Big Energy cats suppressed this miraculous device (until today) in one of the biggest conspiracies of mankind! While they made you pay hundreds of dollars every single month.. when, all this time they should have paid you big checks for putting extra electricity into the grid!

1927. New York, Sunday Morning 7:22 am. The young Charles Lendberg kissed his mother goodbye and went into the most important journey of his life. Actually, this was ground zero for the aviation world, because this brave colonel was attempting to cross the Atlantic without stopping from New York to Paris, France. No one trusted him because at that time it seemed like an unrealistic goal but still thousands of people gathered to witness the event. Lindberg  was confident. He knew that he could do it and he was sure that he could rely on his airplane. 

And here we go.

33.5 hours later Lindbergh was arriving in Paris after a 4000 mile flight. He became the first man to successfully cross the Atlantic in commercial flight without stopping for re-fuelling. A few days later upon making his arrival to the USA, the first personto hug him was not his mother, not his wife and not even the president of the US Calvin Coolidge who had waited for him personally. Lindbergh ran to a man who silently
watched over the entire operation and secretly made that success possible. With tears in his eyes he jumped into his arms and said: "Thank you Lester ! I couldn't have done without you". 

Lester Hendershot was a "backyard" inventor that Lindberght trusted and respected more than anybody else and as you'll discover. he was the "brain" behind the scenes. It was a huge success for the United States and for Charles Lindberght but the event had a "dirty" little secret from the very start of the mission. Only 3 people from their team knew exactly what was going on. Newspapers, television and mobs didn't need to know what was really going on with Lindbergh's plane and why Lester Hendershot was the key in the entire operation. 

You see.. at first sight everything seemed normal with the engine but in a hidden compartment they put Hendershot's secret invention: a generator that could run without fuel.. for thousands of hours and give an additional amount of energy that Lindberg's airplane would need to cross the 4000 miles of the Atlantic, without stopping. They wanted to keep it secret but somehow a technician who helped them with the project leaked this information to a local bewspaper.

Does that sound too good to be true ? Well the newspaper couldn't belive it either ? It makes a lot of sence today. The aviation sciences were in their infancy and official documents show that Lindbergh's airplane ("Spirit of saint louis") weighted about 2060 lbs. You've got to understand that airplanes of that time were not the technical masterpieces of today. Their engines were big and noisy, and they were gobbling up kerosene like a fat kid in a candy store. In fact, that's the reason why everyone and their mother were screaming" "crossing the Atlantic is nothing more than a pipe dream"

There is no way that it would have crossed 4000 miles over the Atlantic without an ace up the sleeve and that was Hendershot's invention: A phenomenal generator that could produce endless energy "feeding" itself from the Earth's magnetic core. As an example, a small airplane today (similar to Lindbergh's) has an average consumption of 6 miles per gallon. Simple math tells us that the "Spirit of Saint Louis" would have needed roughly 670 gallons to make 4000 miles without stopping. The entire weight of the airplane was 2060 lbs. So you do the math and you'll see that it would have been impossible. Most people didn't care about the nitty-gritty details. They just wanted the record and thanks to the miracle generator Lindbergh managed to achieve it. The newspapers were happy, the politicians were happy.. it was like magic. 

But who was the mysterious man behind the generator that has changed the aviation history ? Who is Leister Hendershot ?

Lester Hendershot was born in 1898. He was down to earth ever since he was a kid.. but at the same time he proved to be a genius: a practical genius. As a kid he was passionate about building all kinds of awesome toys while his friends were simply amused with playing hide and seek. He was very different from everyone else. When he was 10 he took the pedals from his father's bike and put them on a wooden structure. The ugly "car" he created could go for 300 yards on just one single revolution of the pedals! His father was amazed and he became the most famous kid in the neighborhood. It was obvious that he would become a big time inventor but no one could anticipate that he was going to invent the free energy generator that could give people energy independence. He studied mechanics at Cornell University.. but he didn't want to continue with his studies. He felt that he belonged amongst wires, wheels and junkyards always trying to invent very simple and practical things.. that could help other people and give them better lives.

It was during this period of tinkering that he got the nickname "the junkyard inventor". Years passed and he remained the same: working all day long.. living in his own mind.. and dreaming of changing the world. Most of the people called Lester a workaholic but there were some other kinds of people who became interested in his little practical inventions. It just so happened that Charles Lindbergh(the aviation hero) who lived in the same neighborhood with Hendershot and heard about the "junkyard" workaholic inventor. One day Charles Lindbergh, the yet unknown aviator, paid him a visit and asked Lester to develop a magnetic compass for his airplane. He agreed... but after the first "test" flight, while he was studying the compass he stumbled onto something that looked like it could generate free electricity. Suddenly Hendershot decided to stop the compass project and put all his effort into the free electricity device. Lindbergh was not very happy with the idea.. but there was not much he could do. The genius spark came to Hendershot when he realized that the ordinary magnetic compass does not point to the true north - it points to the magnetic north, and varies from true north to a different extent at almost every point on the earth's surface. He discovered that by cutting the same line of magnetic force - north and south, he had an indicator of true north, and that bby cutting the magnetic field, east and west, he could develop a rotary motion: a motion that he could use to generate endless amounts of electricity. He found that with a pre-magnetized core, he could set up a magnetized filed that would indicate true north, but he didn't know just how to utilize that yet in the generator that he was planning to build. Hendershot became so absessed with this idea that all day long he would breathe, sleep and dream about solutions on how to build a generator that could use this free energy. The encounter that changed everything. After 2 mnore weeks he was ready to give up on his idea.

He decided to attend "The Inventica" show just to clear his mind after struggling so much and all of a sudden he had the pleasure of seeing the great Nikola Tesla, right before his very eyes. Now old, the legend Tesla was barely able to move. The sparks in his eyes were not the same. He was just a shadow of the famous Tesla. All the battles he had with JP Morgan(the biggest investors of the time) left a mark on him and brought him to bankruptcy. That could be seen easily on his face. Suddenly Hendershot's heart started to pump. Tesla was his secret mentor ever since he was a kid. He had studied all his books.. and all his inventions.. and now finally he had the chance to meet him. Once the show finished Hendershot dared to approach the old man. He explained to him how much inspiration he got from his inventions and his books and also asked him for advice regarding the generator that could get electicity without any fuel. The old man Tesls.. stood without moving for a few seconds and then replied: "I realized that the Earth is a huge electrical generator. If humanity could develop a copper cable long enough to circumnavigate the Earth from South pole to North pole and back, we could use the power generated naturally by the earth's magnetic discipline and have adequate electrical power to light a billion New York-sized cities." and the old man left.. buried in his thoughts as nothing happened. 

For Hendershot the moment meant a lot more.. it was the moment that had shaken his world. It was the moment that solved his problem.

Imagine the mother earth as a huge magnet that is generating every second around 200 billion volts. Same as the usual magnet you are familiar with the energy cannot be seen, or felt by us.. unless we have the right tools. If you take a normal magnet and you put it near a wooden piece - nothing will happen. Same with the earth's magnetic field, in a way, nothing happens. Although billions of Volts are generated in every second without the right devices.. this energy is useless and it goes to waste. Although it's invisible and endless the magnetic field of the earth can be seen at the North Pole as aureoles borealis. The magnetic field energy is in the same category with the wind energy that makes ships navigate months without an engine and the sun energy that can provide heat for people during the winter.

That was the discovery that would revolutionize the world and based on this principle he created the generator that was placed inside Lindberg's motor to help him reach the previously unattainable. After Charles Lendberg crossed the Atlantic and became a national hero. Hendershot decided to make his miraculous generator public because he really wanted to help other people. Obviously, he didn't recognize that his engine was "guilty" of Lindbergh's success.

Why not ? It's been said that Lindberg had a "non-disclosure agreement" with his sponsors: some big shot oil and coal company men. Even then, these fat cats were thinking about suppression and they didn't want to say a word about free energy alternatives, because they wanted to encourage the oil and coal consumtion.. not a device that generates free energy. Their motto was: "If we cannot put a meter on ot.. we won't back it". Months later, after things settled and people stopped talking about Lindberg's success, Hendershot was finally able to show his generator to the public. The big companies were not happy, but they couldn't stop the newspapers "hungry" for the sensational. The experiment that destroyed the skeptical scientists. The first significant experiments on the motor version were held at Selfridge Field, Detroit, under the direction of Major Thomas G. Lanphier, commandant of the field and leader of the First Pursuit Group. The device demonstrated  at Selfridge was a small model of what he hoped would be developed at a large scale and help the average American generate free electricity for their home. Hendershot had first shown the military brass how his model worked, then he supervised army technicians in building their own working model, which went perfectly. Major Lanphier said that the electrical men to whom they had shown the motor "...laughed at the way we wired it up and said it wouldn't work. Then it did work." Major Lanphier's comments to reporters after the demonstrations were:

"The whole thing is so mysterious and startling that it has the appearance of being a fake." "I was extremely skeptical when I saw the first model, but I helped build the second one and witnessed the winding of the magnet. I am sure there was nothing phony about it." It was the Selfridge Field  experiment, which touched off the series of stories in the national press. Stories with blaring headlines in such papers as the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Detroit Times, Pittsburgh papers, The New York Times, and many others. Most of them tagged the instrument demonstrated at Selfridge the "miracle motor", and there were pictures of Major Lanphier and Col. Lindbergh, Hendershot with the motor. The big energy companies took a big hit.

They couldn't belive their eyes of what was happening: the incredible generator that they tried so desperately to hide.. was now presented to the general public. They had to do something. Therefore they sent their foremost expert, Dr. Hochstetter from Hochstetter Research Laboratories to demonstrate that the generator doesn't work.. and to find a way to make it look ridiculous. As skeptical as he was, he saw the invention with his own eyes - and that it was working. He tried months and months to destroy this guy.. and he felt the pressure of his bosses telling him: "C'mon, find something on that inventor because it will ruin our business. Destroy hm!" But he just couldn't find anything.. Soon he had enough of all the pressure and said: "I will let the whole world know about this amazing invention" But then, days later, he died in a train that was carruing him to Ohio - the place where he wanted to make the big announcement. He was the only passenger on the whole train who lost his life! As suddenly as it all strated, the publicity and sensationalism of the Hendershot motor stopped.

The last news story to appear was on MArch 10, 1928, when a small article appeared in most papers saying that Lester Hendershot was a patient at Emergency Hospital in Washington. Shockingly, Hendershot became paralyzed from a 2000 volt bolt of electricity from a machine he had been working on and grown familiar with for several years. After the supposed accident, Hendershot was paralyzed in his arms and legs as well as his palate(so he could talk to no one). It's kind of weird that the "master" of electricity got electrocuted.. This man is a hero.. he remained paralyzed until he died at the age of 60..but he never wanted to sell the patent of his generator.. hoping that one day someone would put his invention into practice on a large scale. Over the years tons of scientists have looked into his discovery.. and not even today.. after 84 years.. can they fully explain the invention. Moreover, some say that it violates the first law of physics and thet it has to be from GOD Homself. People stayed in dark for 8 decades.. paying hundreds of dollars each month.. for something that should be absolutely free. 

You are in the same situation.. and probably haven't done anything about it..

But now all that will end.. Right now I'm going to reveal you something that will change the course of your life, forever.

After Lester Hendershot died in 1960, it seemed that the opportunity to see the Hendershot generator in action.. and to actually use it to generate electricity without depending on the electric company.. was all but lost. Until today.. Very few knew that a few days before Hendershot died.. the big oil and coal companies that had harassed him for all his life.. managed to acquire the patents from Lester for $25,000 to make sure no one got access to the plans and build the device. In a strange chain of events the plans leaked and we were able to finally to get our hands on it. 

The first thing we wanted to see was - can the device be built in an industrial case ? To our disappointment, we found out that no the original contract states that the Hendershot motor can't be sold in stores or used for any commercial purpose. But we also discovered a loophole that practically allows anyone to make their own energy. 

Here's the thing: while the papers stated you couldn't sell the device.. they don't say anything about making your own device for personal use.

It's easier than you think... even if you've never built anything before. Especially if you've never built anything before! Remember when we mentioned Hendershot's fondness for practical inventions, that he was named "the junkyard inventor"?  

Well his motor was that kind of invention: something incredibly simple to assemble.. yet so genuinely different from anyting else you've ever seen, you'll slap yourself for not trying it. Yet Hendershot's invention was not meant for DIY. Simple as it was, it was still pretty difficult to build for the average guy. And even though you can find Hendershot's original blueprints on a few websites.. you'll discover that without the full proper instructions, they're pretty useless. And that's where we come into the picture. We've assembled a crack team of scientists and engineers.. and with their help, we've created a quick and easy guide you can use to make your own Hendershot Generator - and slash your electric bill by 75%.. or more.. in as little as a month. 

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