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Shutterhand Generator

This man gave up his freedom in the attempt to offer any American citizen a solution for a better life… So if you are fed up with anger against the Electric Companies and Governmental agencies messing up with your life and wealth, and health, this short story will blow your mind… 

29th of January 1966, Washington DC. Alexander Shutterhand receives 20 years imprisonment only for trying to show the world a better way of living. He paid the freight for messing with the wrong guys. He was found guilty of conveying classified information to an unauthorized party and theft of government property. And as you’ll discover, this was the “reward» American officials offered him in one of the biggest cover-ups known to man… But you may ask who Alexander Shutterhand was, and why his story is so important to any American patriot fighting the system these days… 

Well, here’s the story: Alexander Shutterhand grew up to follow his childhood dream and became a well-known university teacher at Columbia University, New York. He had a lot of research articles in the science field, all of them focusing on the possibility a producing alternative types of energy. His work became pretty famous those days… He even got the chance to work for the U.S. renowned scientists on a couple of projects… Word got out he worked even for the Government in some secret project… But in spite of his famous work, Alexander Shutterhand remains the same humble “miracle kid» he had always been… working all day long… inventing this and that… living in his universe filled with all kinds of weird contraptions, dreaming that one day all his work will be used for a greater cause… this was his deepest wish. You’ll see that by his work he was only trying to help the average American citizen to obtain a more rewarding life… 

In 1947, a period of great economical and political instability, young Shutterhand, only 27, was developing what no one imagined will become, one of the greatest inventions of the modern world… As the beginnings of the Cold War were heating up in that same period, fate would bring Shutterhand in the service of the US Army, because the real war was in fact a display of power between American and Soviet technological breakthroughs. The Army did not hesitate to secretly contact him and use his knowledge at one more job in favor of his home country. They offered him a complete lab equipped with the latest technology available at the time. By using this technology, he was able to develop a device that would prove crucial for the war and turn the balance in the favor of the U.S. The deadline was as short as a New York Minute… This was the moment his genius practically made the difference and gave the U.S. Army the edge… In just two shakes of a lamb’s tail, he managed to create a complex enough device to generate sufficient energy to power a small airplane. Not an eye catchy one… the device coped to sustain the aircraft without being detected by the enemies as it did NOT use any type of fuel (this was the key element). It was sufficient for the Army to install it on some drones to spy on the Soviet camps. 

In October 1962, those drones took several pictures clearly showing sites for nuclear missile activities in Cuba. Immediately the conflict intensified and a nuclear war became imminent. Thanks to this unique device, millions of people were saved as the Soviet Union was planning to attack the USA. After severe negotiations, the Soviet Union accepted to seize the production of nuclear weapons. But who knows what would have happened if this mechanism had not been invented and the Army had not discovered the nuclear warheads?! Unfortunately for poor Alexander, the Army did not recognize his merits, and some general took all credits for his invention. Moreover, they took his blueprints and classified them. Frustrated and disheartened, he returned to work as a researcher and as a teacher… chasing his dream to make the world a better place… hoping that someday his accomplishments will be recognized, and they would become useful for every citizen… giving every American a better life… A few years later a Massive Event shook America as hard as an earthquake… and somehow… as a result of a STRANGE chain of events, it caught Alexander Shutterhand right in the middle of it. This is the news that could be heard all over America on the night of 9th November 1965. It was an awful night for over 30 million people… Some were uncertain whether they would come out of it alive or not… I bet you’ve heard about the Northeast Blackout of 1965. 9 states were affected and countless people were left in the dark. The problem was so serious that no one managed to figure out the cause, nor the solution. People were getting pretty irritated about the frequent and long-lasting blackouts and spirits were getting hot. Small riots burst because of the darkness. People were seriously injured and a couple of lives were lost in violent conflicts. Even though it happened before, it had never been for such a long period of time or on such a scale. People were stuck in the subways. Stores were being robbed. Poor souls were stuck in elevators all over the cities. Police barely could face the scene. Hospitals were on the edge of a crisis… thousands of patients were in a life-and-death situation and were depending on the comeback of the power… PANIC was the word of the moment and everybody felt it. 

When will the power come back? Will it come back? How will the problem be solved? 

These questions were on everybody’s lips. At Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station, the heart of the electricity grid in the North-Eastern America, the biggest concern was the millions of dollars they had already lost and could lose in the near future. They did not give a damn over the poor people that struggled between life and death. All heads turned to the directors who are responsible for the resurrection of the power plant. Many experienced electricians and scientists and researchers were called in to solve the problem… but their efforts were ineffective. It was all in vain. The power stations simply went flat, and no one could figure it out. Not even the renowned scientists who had designed it all couldn’t figure it out. Out of options and at the end of the rope… one of the engineers working at Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station came up with a sappy suggestion. He remembered reading in a science magazine about the work of this young inventor… Alexander Shutterhand… The Board of Directors mocked him. “How can a clueless guy toying around with his trifles help America in this overwhelming problem?» But, as ridiculous as it seemed and as embarrassed as they were, this was their only solution. As a last resort, one of the directors called Shutterhand. Desperation could be heard in his untruthful voice: “Alexander, we need a source of energy! Riots are bouncing across the cities and we can’t afford a civil war! Please help me!» At about 10 p.m. Alexander Shutterhand arrived at Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station carrying only a very mysterious small box, but looking very confident. That box contained what looked like a small generator… A deep mumbling spread throughout the facility as the people watched Alexander Shutterhand setting up this device… a device that would make miracles and save millions of people on that November night. Some were laughing… some were praying… some even offered to lend a hand… But they all hoped deep inside their hearts that this unpromising looking device would do something… The main problem was the transformer that started the whole power plant. It needed to be restarted and no device that could supply such energy was found. After setting up the device and connecting it to the transmitter, in mere moments the unfortunate neighborhoods of Ontario began to light up one by one. 

The generator that everyone had laughed at managed to start the whole station. Everyone was amazed, and one of the questions everybody began to ask was: “Is there such a device that does not require fuel and that can maintain itself?» 

After that breathtaking night, the next day Alexander and his device were highly publicized… But coming out with such an amazing device would undoubtedly attract the wrong kind of attention, the attention of those who live off the backs of citizens, who pay and pay and pay the electric bills that have become more and more costly. Besides the important leak of information that the army had suffered, the Big Electric Companies were aware that… if the device would have been patented, it would mean The End Of Their Business. They had to do something… Two days later, on November 11, the same newspapers that had publicized the superhuman actions of Alexander were telling a totally different story. They changed their tale, and said that the blackout happened as a result of an error and it was solved by the Energetic Company engineers. “How was that possible?» On one day they praised Alexander and the next day he didn’t even exist? As “energy tycoons» also own “Big Media», they can discredit all persons who can harm them. The “so-called device», as they said, was presented as a hoax, and the true story was suppressed and was never spoken about. The army supported these statements and, in collaboration with the Electric Companies, imprisoned Alexander on the grounds of using secret military information. Alex Shutterhand died in prison… Official documents showed severe head trauma to be the cause of his death… It was clear that there was only one way out of the prison, and that was in a box… and the possibility of finding out the real benefits of his inventions and really use them for generating free energy… seemed lost. Years passed and the secret was thought to have died along with its inventor. Another break in history took place and nobody had the chance to catch on. This was the loss of another genius trying only to help the people live a better life… But faith wasn’t going to cut us loose yet… 40 years later I personally stumbled over secret copy of the blueprints of the device my grandfather was keeping as a backup. 

My name is George Shutterhand… and I still can’t believe that this was the story of his life… and not a single day passes by without me thinking about the possibilities that could have emerged if those greedy energy corporatists wouldn’t have picked on him for his entire life… I wish he would have simply been left at peace to follow his lifelong dream. I consider it my personal duty to revenge his honor and carry out his legacy by revealing this amazing device to the public and finally giving those “Fat Cats» the foot. I didn’t waste a second and got to work… The plans were stuffed with precious information that showed me how to crack the code and build my own powerful, independent power system for a fraction of what those Big Companies were charging me every month. Not only did my grandfather know everything there is to know by generating power, he also made these plans with a purpose… These back-up planes were different… These were made so that any citizen could read them… That was the moment it came to me: He wanted to teach people all over the world how to build their own independent power system. Well, you’d better believe I wasn’t going to diddle around. I couldn’t believe that someone like me, who had barely picked up a set of tools since high school shop class was able to build his own power system from start to finish! But the best news of all? From the very first month I had my system up and running, I started to see my electric bill go down for the first time ever. And it just kept getting better! Once I got my generator turned up, the numbers just kept going down! Well, I don’t have to tell you, it made me feel great to be able to tell the oil company: “Nope, we don’t need our oil tank refilled this month… maybe next month.» (or not!) I really got a charge of using my grandfather’s plans to “outsmart» the power company who thought they had me over a barrel. Soon, my friends and neighbors started asking me to show them how I did it. They wanted to know the secret to slashing their power bill, while breaking free of the government’s energy “choke hold». And that’s when I realized: This wasn’t about me or the folks in my town. “I knew there were thousands of Americans out there who were just as angry as I was about rising electricity costs…» I knew there were other patriots like me, who could see the “writing on the wall» about where this country is going. Who wanted to step up and take charge of their own lives. These are the folks who are confident and fearless in the face of a crisis, ready to take responsibility for their own homes and families. This information was too important to keep to myself. I spend months writing detailed manuals, not to mention testing everything to make sure anyone could use it, and after a lot of hard work The Shutterhand Generator Guide was born. 

The Shutterhand Generator GUIDE is a simple, easy to follow step-by-step GUIDE to building a generator That Does Not Require Any Maintenance And Does Not Use Any Fuel. It’s a start-and-forget mechanism that is not only environmentally friendly but will get you overnight profits! The SHUTTERHAND Generator is THE invention which brought light back in people’s homes, on streets, in hospitals. It’s the device that made the difference in that unlucky day of 9 November 1965. This device is like none other in the world. 

The SHUTTERHAND Generator is foolproof and can be built by the average Joe as myself and many more. YES!!! It really works. The engine is basically a gravitational driven machine that gets its torque both from leverage and speed. The result is a Large Output Of Energy With No Power To Produce It… WITH ONLY A 3% LOSS… So that being the case, this system will RUN BY ITSELF! 

But don’t take my word for it… here’s live footage of the device: This device represents a forward-thinking solution for all your bill problems. Regardless of your professional qualifications, you will surely be amazed at how your monthly electric bill becomes an extra paycheck. Yes! You should know that the American Law guarantees you a certain sum of money if you produce your own electric power and put it back into the electrical grid. 

Here’s what The SHUTTERHAND GENERATOR Will Do For You: 

- It will produce 100% free energy - no need to start it by any other electrical device, nor do you need to plug it in to get it running. Moreover, when started, it will continuously generate all power needed, and no further investments are required. - Is cost-efficient - it will surely offer you what you pay for and even more. You will surely remember this moment as an important crossroad of your life because a small amount invested at the right time. - Does NOT require maintenance - once you set it you’ll forget about it and remember only when your electric bill arrives. There’s no need for spare parts, nor will you need to replace anything after a certain while. - It does NOT produce any noises. - It’s a silent device, so you won’t hear it rumbling in the house. - It is environmentally friendly - not only will it save you tremendous amounts of money day in and day out, but you’ll be one of the good guys helping the environment because The Shutterhand Generator does not consume any type of fuel, therefore there are NO emissions. 

The Shutterhand Generator Guide is really A NUMBER 1. “It’s a surprisingly simple way to help break free from ‘Big Energy’ while cutting your electricity bill!» In today’s uncertain political and economical climate the benefits of The Shutterhand Generator Guide are becoming more important than ever. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started. You and your family will be protected from rising electricity costs, blackouts, or any other disasters heading our way. Plus, you’ll be one of the “good guys» who’s “pulling the plug» on a big power monopolies and generating 100% clean energy that’s good for the Earth. Now, I know some of your friends or even your family) might say you’re “going overboard» when it comes to generating your own free power. Heck, even my wife thought I was a little crazy at first, until she saw the numbers on our bills dropping month after month!!! You and I both know that “freedom isn’t free». It takes hard work and dedication now to be prepared for the future. Imagine how it will be like when disaster strikes, or the next blackout hits, and your house is the only one with the lights on. Those same folks who said you were “overreacting» may very well be begging for your help one day! Just imagine how you’ll feel when the next power crisis will strike… and you know it will happen…

So how do you survive in this dark scenario? 

This marvelous invention that saved Americans in the past… The Shutterhand Generator, gives you the relaxed feeling of comfort, even in the case of an imminent blackout, or a thunderstorm, or even a hurricane. You won’t care if any such disasters will occur, because you will have your own power supply in the basement, or your garage, or even in your own backyard, and you’ll feel safe in the comfort of your home. The Shutterhand Generator will make the difference when facing tough times. And nowadays, let’s face it, these scenarios are more and more often. The Shutterhand Generator makes for a great backup plan for yourself, and more important, for your family. I know some of you are anxious that you don’t have the technical skills for this, but we have worked hard on this guide keeping you in mind. I knew this had to be accessible for the average citizen who didn’t have access to huge power tools or welding equipment, so I substantially simplified it. You can find most of the parts at the local hardware store or order them online, and you just need to follow the step-by-step illustrated instructions in the manuals. You can easily power your households and your electric equipment. You might also be wondering if you can use The Shutterhand Generator system if you live somewhere with cold winters are high altitude locations. The answer is YES! 

The Shutterhand Generator is a light and portable device, so you can power any electrical guzzler, even if you are on top of The Everest or on the bottom of the Grand Canyon… You simply start it and forget about it… and the only difference you’ll notice will be in the amount you pay on electricity… I know that all this sounds incredible but I’ve tested it myself and I’ve tasted “the sweet freedom». My neighbors still envy me, although it’s been months since I’ve set it up. My house was the only one with power on when the neighborhood went into a total blackout for a few hours last week. They all wanted to be a part of this revolutionary idea that came to life by your own hands. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing how the most skeptical people turn into the biggest fan of this device. You won’t imagine life without it, it will bring YOU tremendous cuts… Put a bottle a wine on ice and get revved up for some turkey because a few days from now you’ll be celebrating. I bet you’ll think it’s a winning decision to leverage this secret and begin generating hundreds of dollars in savings each and every month. Never again will you have to wonder about the electricity bill like the rest of the population, who are continuously drained by these Greedy Electricity Sharks that continues to raise the utility bills month after month. Ignorance is bliss… But it’s also quite expensive. The Internet is full of endless possibilities and alternative energy solutions, but none of them takes you step-by-step through the building process like The SHUTTERHAND GUIDE. It’s like having your own private electrical expert by your side assuring that you’ll get the system up and running in the easiest and shortest time. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside The SHUTTERHAND Generator Complete step-by-step plans and instructions: 

- An easy to follow manual complete with step-by-step illustrated instructions and detailed information about all the components you’ll need. No need for further questions as the answers are at your fingertips. - A full list of suppliers for getting the parts you need at the best prices for your own Shutterhand Generator (including some surprising items you may already have lying around the house!) We’ve Done All The Work For You, so you can go directly to the store with the best prices, so you won’t have to spend weeks searching for the parts. - The guide shows you how to precisely fine tune your generator to draw maximum power from the surrounding environment without any further efforts or worries. - And on top of that you get… the complete blueprints and schematics, all in full color, and easy step-by-step instructions to make your own Shutterhand Generator in less than 2 hours with a complete list of parts for under 80 dollars. 

These manuals essentially “take you by the hand» and walk you through the entire process. You’ll be amazed how easy it is. You’ll slash your electricity bill by over 100% in the near future, and an estimated $1500 or more will fill your bank accounts a year from now. I don’t want to sound like one of those know-it-alls. On the contrary, I’m a simple citizen with amazing ancestors and I simply want this invention to reach as many people as possible, because it has already been suppressed for so much time. Listen carefully: ENERGY BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE and people will have it. They Can’t Stop Us! In the short time this site has been up and running, people already using The SHUTTERHAND Generator have accomplished stunning results. 

Here’s what Joan Martin from Texas is talking about the generator: “I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am about the device. It has saved me a fortune already! Thanks again.» 

Henry from Michigan says: “You did a wonderful job describing the steps you have to take in order to build the SHUTTERHAND Generator. It was extremely easy to build it, and the result is excellent. I’m still amazed at what rate my bills have dropped!» 

Marcus from Mississippi says: “When I first saw the SHUTTERHAND Generator, I wasn’t sure if I should buy it or not (there are so many scams out there, you know). But once I built it, it became obvious that this was the best money ever spent. Just the intro is worth the price.» 

The SHUTTERHAND Generator is a success story for thousands of people. It is given the opportunity to many fathers to save money for their children, for many husbands to take their beloved wives out, and many retired people to buy their small dreamboats. You can add an extra option to your Saturday night. Now I know you probably expect to pay a lot of money for training like this. When it comes down to it, this isn’t even about “dollars and cents». “It’s about power, security and control for you and your family»… and you can’t put a price on that. So, here’s the truth: There are only 2 reasons why a certain sum is involved: I’m positively sure that this site won’t be up for much longer, so a new investment will be needed, and research and development is always costly. But it just didn’t feel right to charge $200 for information that is going to help so many people lead safer, more independent lives, especially when times are so tight for everybody out there. So, I thought about charging $97 for the whole package (it’s definitely worth that, because the system can save people at least that much each and every month). But even $97 seemed like too much during these tough times. So, for a limited time, you can get The Shutterhand Generator Guide for just $49.97. I’m talking about $49.97 that you should invest at the right time. And, believe me, this is the right time for such investments because, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, times are getting tougher and tougher by day. That’s probably less then you are paying every month for electricity, and you can recover that investment in just under a month. 

Remember! You’re investing in yourself and your family. Just click the orange “Add to Cart» button below, and you’ll get instant access to The Shutterhand Generator Guide. I know, you’ll agree this is an incredible deal, especially when you think about the cash you’ve wasted paying out the nose to the electric company over the years. You have 60 days to decide whether this was a good investment or not. If for any reason, you’re less than satisfied with my Shutterhand Generator, just return it within 60 days of purchase and I’ll immediately refund 100% of your purchase price, even if it’s the 23rd hour of the 59th day, no doubt about it. You can have your money back for any reason or no reason whatsoever, so there’s absolutely no risk for you. You literally can’t lose! 

So go on - click the orange “Add to Cart» button now - and get The SHUTTERHAND Generator Guide.

In fact, I’m so confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with these blueprints. If you order today, 

I’m including these 3 amazing products absolutely free: 

“Building a Fuelless Gravity Engine» - A one-of-a-kind DIY project that can save you some important money or just build it for science sake - $47 in value - Order Right Now Get This Is A Bonus - Absolutely Free! 

“Permanent Magnet Motor» - A novel way of generating rotational energy by varying magnet interaction - an inexpensive approach to produce energy - $37 in value; Order Today And You Get This Guide Absolutely Free! 

“Build Capacitors That Recharge Themselves» - Learn how to build your own capacitors that simply recharge on their own - A fun project $27 in value - Order Today And You Get This Free! That’s a total value of $111 and you’ll get them 100% Free If You Order Today! 

I urge you to take a giant step in your life as this site will surely be taken down. As I’ve said, it’s my third attempt and I’m not sure for how long I can fight them. They have an army of lawyers that can’t wait for sites such as this to come to life. They will undoubtedly hackle it down by any means. The last time the site barely survived for 3 weeks. Fortunately, over 700 satisfied customers have reached energy independence and have succeeded improving their life style. You can become one of them yourself. Little by little, citizen by citizen, family by family we will all send a message to the Big Monopolists “Fat Cats»… sooner or later they will feel the impact of the society and realize that they are NOT in control as they think. We are and will always be! So say a big YES to a mind-blowing and long-awaited chance that will knock your socks off from the very beginning. It’s right at your fingertips. 

Just click the “Add to Cart» button below and make a stand for yourself!

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