Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Magnetic Free Energy Devices

This ebook contains a guide for building magnetic free energy devices. It also includes blueprints,
component parts and instructions which will help you even more to design by yourself powerfull and usefull green energy generators.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Nitinol Power Plant

Warning! This is not "another announcement". Your life depends on this. Please pay close attention and don't let anyone disturb you! Dear Fellow Patriots, what I'm about to tell you in the next 6 minutes could get me in a lot of trouble... I'm going to reveal the NSA's free energy secret... and expose Big Government and the Electricity Monopolies for the corrupt, greedy crooks that
they are. See, they've been covering up this simple, do-it-yourself trick that can produce practically limitless free electricity. 

Now they're trying to shut me down, because... "I'm Going to Reveal The NSA's Secret Trick To Slash Your Power Bill 50%, 70% or More... Or Even Get Off The Grid Completely!" I'm about to tell you how I discovered the NSA's top-secret free energy trick, hidden away in the back shelf of a small town library... The same trick the power companies and the government have kept buried for decades. Don't take my word for it... here's a rare footage that proves they knew about it but preferred to keep it secret: It's the easiest, most effective way to kick the energy companies out of your home and generate practically almost-free energy... Without spending $100's or even $1000's on over-hyped technologies like solar panels or wind turbines. And without any special technical skills or background... as other 4,434 normal people have already done it. 

In fact, I'll show you how to start generating practically free energy by the end of the week. Plus, you'll save up to $200's per month on your power bill! It's all about harnessing all the energy being wasted in your home right now... and converting it into electricity. So make sure you watch this video right now, because as we speak they're trying to shut me down... Because... "I Was Fed Up With Big Government Regulations And Crooked Electricity Monopolies..." 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Ultimate Energizer Guide

Put a stop on anything you are doing. Sit down and settle in for one of the most fascinating rides of your life. You are going to freak over what i have to share with you here: I am going to expose a staggering invention from the 1900's that has cut ice in the birth of the naval revolution, secretly powered the first modern submarines, a revolutionary discovery that helped thousands like yourself to completely get rid of their power bill! The electric companies and government agencies
squashes this cutting-edge device until today... in one of the biggest cover-ups in the contemporary history. These financial pied-pipers are counting on your ignorance and fear to make you believe that there is no other option... but to pay through your nose... for their criminally high electricity costs... when all this time... they should have requited you big time for the electricity you produce...

Here's the story: 23rd May 1878, New Jersey. A school teacher and Irish patriot named John P. Holland embarks on the most important voyage of his life. In fact, this was the birth of the NAVAL revolution, because this brave man was about to attempt the first sail with the submersible ship in history, on the waters of the Passaic River in New Jersey. No one would pin faith on that because at that time it seemed like another silly highbrow goal. But still thousands of people gathered to witness the event. Holland was confident that he could win, and he was sure he could rely on his invention. So, there goes nothing. John P. Holland squeezes himself into a cramped space, just 3 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet, and he cuts and runs. But Holland should have stayed in bed, because the boat almost instantly sinks to the river bottom and has to be pulled up to the surface. The press is unforgiving... One paper congratulates him on getting the boat immediately to the bottom, without even the assistance of a captain. The sinking worries Holland. He needs to keep his financial Irish backers happy. Not about to give up, he repairs the leak in the sub and launches again. This time, the boat goes down... and then comes up! The race for the perfect sub suddenly becomes the bee in Holland's bonnet. He keeps trying to make NEW and improved models. After falling out with his Irish backers, he turns to his adoptive country for a support. But the US Government tries to ride herd on his designs, and the frustrated Holland goes back to work for himself. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Seebek Generator

Have you ever been made to believe by some "experts" that some secret device or invention can bring you free energy while doing nothing? IF YES... continue to watch this and you'll have your revenge... 

Hi, my name is Kevin Lee... and in this extremely short presentation, I'm going to show you exactly how to power a light bulb by the end of the day... with energy that you already have in your house without
knowing... and that you possibly ignore and throw away every single day... I'm going to expose the BIG SCAM behind those who promised you all kind of "free devices" that never really worked for anyone... Moreover, if you stick with me until the end of this presentation... I'm going to give you the exact method for saving $147 on your electricity bill in less than a month... and a complete energy system that feeds itself from the energy you already have in your home or around it... but you've never been aware of... You'll save this exact amount of money as other 874 people have managed to save this month alone... Simple People Like The... 80-year-old George from North Carolina who... Finally has enough money for his pills now by saving more and more on energy... Like Sarah who decided to use the waste energy of her house and now managed to save enough money to buy her daughter guitar. Please note that I NEVER said anything about FREE ENERGY... because as you're going to discover next... there's no such thing. 

The Brandon Motor

Hi. My name is George Nelson, and I have worked as a freelance reporter since I can remember... With your permission - and with strict precautions for your privacy. I want to reveal you a copy of a classified report that has been smuggled out of the U.S. Government... This report contains in fact the plans of a "TOP SECRET" device that U.S. scientists have been hiding from the public's reach... The Big Energy Companies were financing U.S. projects just to keep this matter closed... But A True patriot... disgusted by where Today's political and economic situation is heading... broke the silence while on his death-bed... So that any American patriot would benefit from this MARVELOUS DEVICE and cut the ropes and chains of the BIG ELECTRICAL
COMPANIES... That chokes every one of us to pay hundreds of dollars each month for their criminally expensive electricity... 

Here's the story this True American Hero: On March 5th 2012 in an undisclosed location within the US, Brandon Carter... That time an undercover CIA officer... who served the Agency for 25 years... In a true act of public spirit... decided to reveal critical details of the famous Roswell event and other projects NASA and The U.S. Government were hiding from citizens... As you probably remember... the Roswell event happened on July 7 1947 when an Unidentified flying object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. The United States Armed Forces maintain, even after all these years... the idea that what was recovered near Roswell... was debris from the crash of an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon belonging to what was then a classified (top secret) program named Mogul. In contrast, many UFO enthusiasts maintain the idea that an alien craft was found. Brandon recognized and broke the silence... "An Alien craft was found, and aliens and all extraterrestrial technology are kept secret by U.S. Government..." The Government went nuts when Mr. Brandon stated that this is the first of a long string of declarations he will reveal to the American citizens... They had to do something... An arrest won't do the job... it will only make the press explode... 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wireless Resonance Generator

That's the moment Nikola Tesla's world changed... Because his latest invention not only exceeded even his wildest expectations... But also stroke panic into the Big Energy monopolists of the day. In his hands, Tesla had the ULTIMATE proof that "free energy" was more than just a dream. Because his crazy yet simple and powerful device... Generated 100% Free Electricity... Ran Without Any Dangerous Fuels... Was Virtually "Maintenance-Free"... While Being Completely "Environmentally Friendly" - With No Fumes, No By-Products, And No Dangerous Emissions. This meant that it was NOW possible for everyone the benefit from FREE ELECTRICITY... and "cut the cord" that tied them to the greedy electric companies. 

Yet, Tesla's excitement was short-lived. Because when word got out about this amazing discovery, something happened... that literally killed the invention and kept it from the public's reach for more than a century! Now, for the first time in one hundred years, the truth about Tesla's invention is starting to unfold... and with it, generating your own free power has been made possible again! And in this short presentation (that's hunted down as we speak), you will get all the nitty-gritty details about how to use Nikola Tesla's suppressed invention to make your own free electricity... slash your electric bill by 75% or more in less than 30 days... and even get off the grid - so see you can be energy independent, and never owe another dime to the electric company. 

It's called The Wireless Resonance Generator... 

Shutterhand Generator

This man gave up his freedom in the attempt to offer any American citizen a solution for a better life… So if you are fed up with anger against the Electric Companies and Governmental agencies messing up with your life and wealth, and health, this short story will blow your mind… 

29th of January 1966, Washington DC. Alexander Shutterhand receives 20 years imprisonment only for trying to show the world a better way of living. He paid the freight for messing with the wrong guys. He was found guilty of conveying classified information to an unauthorized party and theft of government property. And as you’ll discover, this was the “reward» American officials offered him in one of the biggest cover-ups known to man… But you may ask who Alexander Shutterhand was, and why his story is so important to any American patriot fighting the system these days… 

Well, here’s the story: Alexander Shutterhand grew up to follow his childhood dream and became a well-known university teacher at Columbia University, New York. He had a lot of research articles in the science field, all of them focusing on the possibility a producing alternative types of energy. His work became pretty famous those days… He even got the chance to work for the U.S. renowned scientists on a couple of projects… Word got out he worked even for the Government in some secret project… But in spite of his famous work, Alexander Shutterhand remains the same humble “miracle kid» he had always been… working all day long… inventing this and that… living in his universe filled with all kinds of weird contraptions, dreaming that one day all his work will be used for a greater cause… this was his deepest wish. You’ll see that by his work he was only trying to help the average American citizen to obtain a more rewarding life… 

Steinman Generator

On a cold winter morning 67 years ago, a German U-boat was leaving the port of Rostock… heading for the US East Coast. Its mission: to deliver a deadly blow to the US Navy and the City of New York… a blow that would make the Pearl Harbor catastrophe look like a picnic. Its cargo: an elite crew and an impressive cache of the Nazis most destructive weapons… all being hauled across the Atlantic with the help of an ultra secret “free energy» generator. 

And in this short story, that won’t be up for long, you too will discover how to use this secret generator to make your own electricity in slash your electric bills by 57%, 76% or more… so you can kick the electric company out of your home… or even make the electric company “fat cats» pay YOU for the surplus you sell back to the grid. It all has to do with a revolutionary little device with an impossibly long name, that was invented in 1925 by Otto Steinman, a Captain in the German Navy. 

The “Magnetstromapparata», as he called it, was capable of harnessing magnet power to produce 100% free electricity… without any fumes or dangerous emissions whatsoever… and without any outside input - like gas or solar energy. It was so powerful that it scared the hell out of the committee that had the task of evaluating it… After all, it was Germany’s Ace up its sleeve… A generator with an invisible energy source that never ran out, capable of powering up any weapon of the Third Reich. But fate had other plans Steinman’s amazing invention… and for 67 long years this incredible device laid on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, sunk in WW2 along with its creator. 

H2O Generator

I’m about to reveal a weird “little trick» I’ve been using during the last few months. I use it to generate 3 kilowatts of free electricity; when I want and where I want. And get this… I can run this little wonder for around 1 hour long without the need of diesel, gas or even propane! Needless to say, I can restart it… at will. Now, I know it’s a BOLD claim, but I’ll provide proof that it’s real. 

What’s more? 

I’ll show you that the old paradigm of hydro power is not valid anymore. You probably think I’m crazy… but you don’t need to live beneath a waterfall or near a river, or stream to benefit from hydroelectricity. Not anymore… “Read this story from a man who successfully built a working test version». “The generator is now running itself». You see, most of us are still annoyed with our energy bills. We keep paying thousands of dollars each and every year to the power company. But at the same time, there’s a little voice in our head that whispers: “There must be a smarter solution». 

Have you ever thought about the reasons why producing your own electricity was exciting? 

I’ll tell you. In fact, I’ll reveal to you things about this new “generator», that are so fascinating… Things that you probably never knew. And I’ll ask you to watch and read what’s to follow with the greatest attention. Each word that you’ll read is true… and most of my life was dedicated to finding these secrets. Let’s go! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Backyard Liberty

There’s a reason why the US government is so eager to disarm the American people. It’s got little to do with crime rates or mass murders… but everything to do with the very reason the 2nd amendment was created for: to protect the people from a tyrannical government. Because when a major disaster hits the USA, a recent executive order allows FEMA to confiscate your food stockpile… and just like in the old USSR, to give it to the government-dependent masses. 

That’s right: if you invested $30,000 or more in a survival stockpile… or you’ve been daydreaming about having enough food to last you a decade, then you’ve got to read this urgent article. 

Hi, my name is Alec Deacon, and in this short and controversial presentation, that will not be up for long, I’m going to expose how a devastating “once in 60 years» event… along with corporate greed and corruption… are setting the stage for a social and economic “time bomb», that will detonate right in the middle of the US… I’ll reveal how the impending collapse of the US food supply system will steal food from your kids’ tables… leaving them hungry and helpless and forcing them to scavenge for scraps… and I’ll explain what you must do today to ensure that you and your family not only survive… but actually rise to the top of a fallen society… when chaos rules and communities need someone to lead them. But that’s not all. If you stick until the end of this very short presentation, 

Don Smith Generator

That’s the moment Don Smith’s world changed… Because his latest invention exceeded even his wildest expectations. In his hands, Smith had the ultimate proof that “free energy» was more than just a dream. Because his crazy yet simple and powerful device… - Generated 100% Free Electricity - Ran Without Any Dangerous Fuels - Was Virtually “Maintenance-Free» While Being Completely “Environmentally Friendly» - With No Fumes, No By-Products, And No Dangerous Emissions. 

This meant that it was NOW possible for everyone to make their own electricity… and “cut the cord» that tied them to the greedy electric companies. Yet, Don Smith’s excitement was short-lived. Because when word got out about this amazing discovery, something happened… that literally killed the invention and kept it from the public’s reach for more than 20 years. 

Now, for the first time in two decades, the truth about Smith’s invention is starting to unfold… and with it, generating your own free power has been made possible again! And in this short presentation (that probably won’t stay up for long), you will get all the nitty-gritty details about how to use Don Smith’s suppressed invention to make your own free electricity… slash your electric bill by 75% or more in less than 30 days… and even get off the grid - so you can be energy independent, and never owe another dime to the electric company. 

Pacheco Hydrogen Generator

What would you do to get away from high gas prices? While some people are taking the bus… walking… or simply driving a lot less… a hidden community of inventors and DIY have “cracked the code» to cheap gas. It’s a weird solution once featured on TV, but banned by the oil companies for fear it might bankrupt them. Their mystery fuel? Water! But this simple method, that’s backed by science and proven by hundreds of case studies, can literally banish your newfound “driving anxiety»… and bring back the pleasure of driving… as you’re no longer worried about your car’s mileage, or how much you’ll spend on gas. 

Because in this short and controversial story… we’re going to teach you how to run your car on water, and never spend another red cent on oil again. It’s so powerful… even the police are using it. The water powered car is a proven technology. What Big Oil doesn’t want you to know is that ANYBODY can run a car on water. There’s nothing to it and YOU can do it! You can defeat the global corporate hogs who want to extort 5 DOLLARS A GALLON from you! The free energy truth is coming out… after decades of lies, deception and even outright murder. Because Big Oil KNOWS that a car can be run on water, it’s been willing to do anything to prevent this information from coming out. When a water powered car is finally in the hands of the people, it will lay waste to Big Oil’s profits like a Biblical plague of locusts. They know this. Big Oil is doing more than killing our planet. 

Stan Meyers, inventor of a working free energy fuel cell, was poisoned. Andrija Puharich, who threaten Big Oil with another kind of fuel cell and lived in fear for his life, was pushed downstairs to his death in his South Carolina home. Carl Cella, designer a vehicle that ran without gasoline, was still in prison when he died. His secrets died with him. These brave free energy inventors fought Big Oil and lost. They made the ultimate sacrifice so that today you can quit being Big Oil’s slave and proudly ride the roads in freedom. You can stop paying Big Oil thousands of your hard-earned dollars and instead put it in your pocket where it belongs. You can thumb your nose at the energy elite and be a hero to your family and friends. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Moray Free Energy Generator

His Free Energy Generator brought him nothing but bloodshed. His wife and kids got shot. His house and lab got ransacked. Industry experts who sided with him were threatened… and some were murdered. Even though all odds were against him, Dr. T. Henry Moray was undeterred… because he knows that his device is THE invention of the century. A simple… yet powerful generator that allows ANYONE to generate 100% free energy, day and night, ANYWHERE in the world. 

His device is documented to work in a submarine at the bottom of the sea. And even in an airplane… hundreds of feet above the ground… using a “weird» source of energy that is all around us, can be harnessed even if you are at the center of the Earth… and can NEVER EVER run out. 

Hi, my name is Andrew James and in the next few minutes I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to build your own Moray Generator so that you will never have to pay for electricity again. I’m also going to expose the lies that the government and the big power monopoly don’t want you to know. And reveal the real secret reason why your power bill is so criminally high, and what happens to all technologies that promises to cut our addiction to oil and coal. 

Aerial Energy Generator

“I really shouldn’t be showing you this…» This is a story that was never to be told… a “cloak-and-dagger» mystery… The demise of the Power Plant supremacy… A true story about the fight of one man against the power holders of the world: “the BIG energy corporations». Find out the methods used by the Energy Fat Cats to silence “threats»… ground-breaking inventions of people that wanted nothing else than to improve the way of life for us all! Keep reading any you too will discover how to use an amazing WWII invention to slash your power bills by 55%, 68%, 81% or MORE… and save an excess of $2500 per year… so you can finally break free from Big Energy’s World Domination. 

I’m talking about a little device that really threaten the “leaders» of the “free world»… and made its debut in grand style… In the summer of 1928, inventor Franz Zeppelin achieved what no one else had done before. In front of millions of eye-witnesses, the airship Graf Zeppelin (named after his father) took off on a world premiere voyage. The plan was to circumnavigate the globe using the first aircraft to complete such an outstanding journey. The trip was a complete success… German ingenuity at its greatest… But even though the flight had been successful, many people in high society were skeptical about the method used. And they had every right to be skeptical… Because this Zeppelin’s journey was completed way too fast, and made no stops for refueling! 

So how could that be… Well… Unknown to anyone, Franz had an ace up his sleeve. An invention that should have changed the world… A small device that took the massive airship all around the globe in one clean continuous flight. 

Schappeller Generator

Year: 1943. Location: Peenemunde SS Secret Laboratory. Crew: 100 top scientists from Germany, Austria, Poland. Mission: Ensure energy independence for Hitler’s Army. Team Leader: Karl Schappeller. Stop what you’re doing, turn up the volume and listen closely! The Secret Free Energy Device that caused Adolf Hitler to lose the war is about to eliminate your electricity bill for good! 

Are you tired of seeing your energy bill going up each year? Is the amount you’re paying for electricity causing you financial strain? Do you feel like the Power Company is taking advantage of you? especially on those unbearably hot or cold days? 

If powering your entire home for FREE, while getting paid by your electric company for your “excess electricity» sounds good to you, then this is the most important information you’ve ever had… so pay close attention. 

My name is Peter and in the next few minutes I’m gonna show you the machine that was destined to change the image of science. You will see the apparatus that Hitler wanted for his military equipment, producing free energy that YOU can start using, in order to slash your electric bill with 68%, 85% in even more, until you get completely off the grid. An invention that was kept secret for more than 70 years could be your ticket to freedom. But let’s start with the beginning. Karl Schappeller. Write down this name… This is the man who dared to defy Hitler’s cruelty. A man whose principles went far beyond fame and fortune. Most importantly, this is the man who invented probably the most revolutionary free energy device in history. Karl Schappeller was born in a poor house in Aurolzmuenster, Austria. As a kid, he took apart everything he got his hands on, especially toys with motors, radios and little engines. 

Willis Generator

Opportunity Is Knocking On Your Door! And it’s doing it with a story of a 10 man crew who made it through the Bermuda Triangle and lived to tell the tale! 

June 23 1996. A 10 man shooter is peacefully sailing across the Atlantic… After enjoying good weather for 5 days, the crew was preparing for their long expected arrival in Miami. But fate and a malfunctioning GPS
receiver steers them heavily off course into the fearful Bermuda Triangle. It didn’t take long for all Hell to break loose… Rogue waves hit the boat hard, followed by thunder and lightning. The ship was caught by the currents and dragged in the middle of the Triangle’s Wormhole with practically NO way to escape… Being rocked aimlessly within the eye of the storm, the crew has little hope for their lives… All of a sudden, the power goes off. They try in vain to reestablish their original route, but with the GPS and Radio down in the middle of a freakish storm it proves simply impossible. 

The ocean seems to have other plans for them. The only thing remaining calm is the Captain… An experienced old man who has seen it all. He simply stays still, watching how the heavens unleash just in front of his eyes... Two crew members rushed desperately through the door. Without even blinking, the captain calmly replies: “I only need one of you to help me!» One of the men volunteers, and they both go into the engine room. A tensed few minutes pass… and out of the blue the engine starts and all lights come back to life. The captain’s calm actions put the boat back on coordinates… and after fighting the waves for another 3 and a half hours the blue sky finally shows up at the horizon… and the whole crew steps on the Miami docs that evening safe and unharmed. Their safe return was NO stroke of luck… That’s because the captain had an ace up his sleeve… 

Fuelless Generator

It All Started With A Tremendous Explosion. “Albert… this is Nikola, please call me.» A second later 2,150 square miles of Siberia was flattened… and with it small villages, people, reindeer, bears, wolves and thousands of other living creatures fell along with the vegetation. The area never fully recovered. The Tunguska explosion was the biggest impact that Earth suffered throughout the history of civilized man. People in hundreds of places in Asia and Europe witnessed the incident. 

The Stories Were Remarkable! Strong heat waves, intense winds, horrific crashes and earthquakes were reported. Testimony of S. Semenov, as recorded by Leonid Kulik’s expedition in 1930: “At breakfast time I was sitting by the house. I suddenly saw the sky split in two and fire appeared high and wide over the forest. The split in the sky grew larger, and the entire northern side was covered with fire. At that moment I became so hot that I couldn’t bear it, as if my shirt was on fire… then the sky shut closed, and a strong thump sounded, and I was thrown a few good meters. I lost my senses for a moment…» Many saw a ball of fire and its tail in rushing smoky horizon… The night sky glowed for weeks, as the amount of dust was released into the stratosphere by the blast… In London, more than 7,000 miles away from the epicenter, one could read a newspaper at night, with only this light. 

What happened? Comet? Gas explosion? Antimatter? 

It was calculated that the magnitude of the blast was between… 10 and 15 million tons a dynamite… but the object that caused it never touched the surface of the Earth. Rejected the assumption of a meteorite, but taking into account the reports to the fireball, a hypothesis emerged even more spectacular - and most likely: in 1908! Nikola Tesla at the time was experimenting with a wireless torpedo (death ray); some think this weapon testing had to do with the Tunguska event. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pulse Generator

I am George Meyers and that is a friend of mine, Richard, holding his brand new solar water heater. And before I tell you his unusual story, do yourself a favor… If you want to learn how to be independent and save money on your utility bill the same way Richard did, quit surfing the internet and stick around ‘till the end of this short video. 

The story might surprise you! So close all the other tabs and windows and grab something to write with, you’re gonna take notes, so you can start saving money on your utility bill like he did. Now back to Richard’s story. In this picture he is holding his own professional solar water heater. He paid less than 100$ for the same type of panel that will cost you a minimum 970$ in the factory… You’ll learn the SECRET to this method in the next eight minutes, and with the money that panel saved, it’s paid itself and then some. 

Do you want to know how he did it? I will give you a CLUE. It’s like getting paid for a DIY project. Keep watching… You won’t believe how we got started. This will gonna sound crazy but just a while ago, Richard was completely lost. He “didn’t understand DIY» but like every other American he wanted to save money. You probably are in the same boat… Maybe you’re in so much debt you don’t even know how you got to this point… Maybe you can’t remember the last time you had a stress free vacation… Maybe you just want to be able to save some extra money for retirement… or maybe the kids are coming up on college and you don’t know how you’re gonna pay for it. It is scary to think about, but money has made some Americans so stressed out that they cannot sleep… Not To Be Too Personal… BUT… Are You One Of Them? The bills just keep on coming month after month and keep showing up… Sometimes you start to feel hopeless… and on top of having a bad economy, we are killing our environment! Like I said, my name is George Myers and I think you might be interested in a simple way to save money and help mother Earth. See… 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The MASH Generator

Dear fellow patriot,

How would you enjoy suddenly a reputation as a "CEO of Your Own Power Plant"? I'll tell you my biggest thrill is still on those days when I'm tearing open my power bill with childish-glee each month throwing aside the envelop and holding up the latest check that the power company had no choice but to send me because I am feeding excess energy back into the grid. That's when you really earn your respect from the power companies - when they pay you, not the other way around! And that's why I'm convinced you'll LOVE this.

Here's what this is all about: My name is Dr. Jason Stone and until recently I was your basic "stupidity tax" payer. The sad thing is my life at that time became consumed with paying off that DAMN MONTHLY ELECTRICITY BILL. I would check accounts daily, and even on my lunch sit at work calculating what I could do to conserve more. What costs I would cut next ?! What the final owed amount was ?! When would I escape this maze of bills?! How many more months would it take?! And this came with all other day to day problems that come with life!

I tried to keep this away from my wife as it was emotionally hard and my money saving became a little absessive, somewhat OCD. I swear I've stood at the edge of the lake, holding my power bills over my head, one emotional hair-trigger away from tossing the whole mess and putting an end to it all.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Schauberger Generator

Hi, my name is dr. Richard Brooks and in the next 7 minutes I'm going to spit in the face of all those who lied to you regarding energy independence because everything you know or have heard about creating your free energy until now is BS compared to what you're going to discover today.

I'm going to show you the first and only proven method that can slash your electricity bill(for the first time ever) by at least 83.5% starting today with an amazing invention that could have changed the faith of World War 2. 

It's the free energy invention that made Hitler cry for the first time. It's the little-known discovery that made Allied Powers to send a commando team to steal it from Nazis at the end of WW2, the same discovery that made Russians angry and eager to destroy it for not letting it into AMERICAN'S hands. 

We're talking about the invention that helps today a 84 years old guy to have electricity in a mountain house during wnter. The same invention that preppers consider the #1 item to have when the thing hits the fan the revelation that even women love to build and have. And finally today.. after 70 years of darkness you can put it to work for your own profit. Without investing thousands of dollars in solar panels that are not producing enough energy and are hard to build. Without having any technical knowledge whatsoever and without being forced to give your hard-earned money to the big energy fat cats ever again. Plus, the invention that you're about to discover will keep your family safe during any disaster, total blackout or economic collapse because once you'll finish reading this story you'll have all it takes to produce more energy than you need and finally you can spit on the face of those who are robbing you every single month.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hendershot Generator

From today forward your life won't be the same. You're about to become energy free after years of suppression.

The Man who changed the energy history. We're about to unleash a powerful invention from 1927 that secretly "powered" the famous col. Charles Lindbergh's Aircraft on his voyage. To be the first to cross the atlantic by airplane without stopping. 

Discovery that has helped thousands of other people like yourself slash their electric bill by up to 100%! Big Energy cats suppressed this miraculous device (until today) in one of the biggest conspiracies of mankind! While they made you pay hundreds of dollars every single month.. when, all this time they should have paid you big checks for putting extra electricity into the grid!

1927. New York, Sunday Morning 7:22 am. The young Charles Lendberg kissed his mother goodbye and went into the most important journey of his life. Actually, this was ground zero for the aviation world, because this brave colonel was attempting to cross the Atlantic without stopping from New York to Paris, France. No one trusted him because at that time it seemed like an unrealistic goal but still thousands of people gathered to witness the event. Lindberg  was confident. He knew that he could do it and he was sure that he could rely on his airplane.