Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The MASH Generator

Dear fellow patriot,

How would you enjoy suddenly a reputation as a "CEO of Your Own Power Plant"? I'll tell you my biggest thrill is still on those days when I'm tearing open my power bill with childish-glee each month throwing aside the envelop and holding up the latest check that the power company had no choice but to send me because I am feeding excess energy back into the grid. That's when you really earn your respect from the power companies - when they pay you, not the other way around! And that's why I'm convinced you'll LOVE this.

Here's what this is all about: My name is Dr. Jason Stone and until recently I was your basic "stupidity tax" payer. The sad thing is my life at that time became consumed with paying off that DAMN MONTHLY ELECTRICITY BILL. I would check accounts daily, and even on my lunch sit at work calculating what I could do to conserve more. What costs I would cut next ?! What the final owed amount was ?! When would I escape this maze of bills?! How many more months would it take?! And this came with all other day to day problems that come with life!

I tried to keep this away from my wife as it was emotionally hard and my money saving became a little absessive, somewhat OCD. I swear I've stood at the edge of the lake, holding my power bills over my head, one emotional hair-trigger away from tossing the whole mess and putting an end to it all.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Schauberger Generator

Hi, my name is dr. Richard Brooks and in the next 7 minutes I'm going to spit in the face of all those who lied to you regarding energy independence because everything you know or have heard about creating your free energy until now is BS compared to what you're going to discover today.

I'm going to show you the first and only proven method that can slash your electricity bill(for the first time ever) by at least 83.5% starting today with an amazing invention that could have changed the faith of World War 2. 

It's the free energy invention that made Hitler cry for the first time. It's the little-known discovery that made Allied Powers to send a commando team to steal it from Nazis at the end of WW2, the same discovery that made Russians angry and eager to destroy it for not letting it into AMERICAN'S hands. 

We're talking about the invention that helps today a 84 years old guy to have electricity in a mountain house during wnter. The same invention that preppers consider the #1 item to have when the thing hits the fan the revelation that even women love to build and have. And finally today.. after 70 years of darkness you can put it to work for your own profit. Without investing thousands of dollars in solar panels that are not producing enough energy and are hard to build. Without having any technical knowledge whatsoever and without being forced to give your hard-earned money to the big energy fat cats ever again. Plus, the invention that you're about to discover will keep your family safe during any disaster, total blackout or economic collapse because once you'll finish reading this story you'll have all it takes to produce more energy than you need and finally you can spit on the face of those who are robbing you every single month.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hendershot Generator

From today forward your life won't be the same. You're about to become energy free after years of suppression.

The Man who changed the energy history. We're about to unleash a powerful invention from 1927 that secretly "powered" the famous col. Charles Lindbergh's Aircraft on his voyage. To be the first to cross the atlantic by airplane without stopping. 

Discovery that has helped thousands of other people like yourself slash their electric bill by up to 100%! Big Energy cats suppressed this miraculous device (until today) in one of the biggest conspiracies of mankind! While they made you pay hundreds of dollars every single month.. when, all this time they should have paid you big checks for putting extra electricity into the grid!

1927. New York, Sunday Morning 7:22 am. The young Charles Lendberg kissed his mother goodbye and went into the most important journey of his life. Actually, this was ground zero for the aviation world, because this brave colonel was attempting to cross the Atlantic without stopping from New York to Paris, France. No one trusted him because at that time it seemed like an unrealistic goal but still thousands of people gathered to witness the event. Lindberg  was confident. He knew that he could do it and he was sure that he could rely on his airplane.