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Schauberger Generator

Hi, my name is dr. Richard Brooks and in the next 7 minutes I'm going to spit in the face of all those who lied to you regarding energy independence because everything you know or have heard about creating your free energy until now is BS compared to what you're going to discover today.

I'm going to show you the first and only proven method that can slash your electricity bill(for the first time ever) by at least 83.5% starting today with an amazing invention that could have changed the faith of World War 2. 

It's the free energy invention that made Hitler cry for the first time. It's the little-known discovery that made Allied Powers to send a commando team to steal it from Nazis at the end of WW2, the same discovery that made Russians angry and eager to destroy it for not letting it into AMERICAN'S hands. 

We're talking about the invention that helps today a 84 years old guy to have electricity in a mountain house during wnter. The same invention that preppers consider the #1 item to have when the thing hits the fan the revelation that even women love to build and have. And finally today.. after 70 years of darkness you can put it to work for your own profit. Without investing thousands of dollars in solar panels that are not producing enough energy and are hard to build. Without having any technical knowledge whatsoever and without being forced to give your hard-earned money to the big energy fat cats ever again. Plus, the invention that you're about to discover will keep your family safe during any disaster, total blackout or economic collapse because once you'll finish reading this story you'll have all it takes to produce more energy than you need and finally you can spit on the face of those who are robbing you every single month.

You'll join a select group of 2332 people that I've already helped and today it will be the last day of payment for electricity.

So.. shut down your mobile phone, sign out of Facebook and don't let anyone disturb you for the next 7 minutes because it is the most important story you'll see this year.

This story won't be up for long. I can already feel the pressure of greedy energy fat cats.

Here's what is all about

Have you ever heard about Viktor Schauberger ? Probably not because that's what Hitler wanted back in the 40's. He used to yell: "No one should know about our great inventors. They are our biggest assets." 

That's the case with Viktor Schauberger. He was born in Austria in 1885 but he was way different than all German people at that time. All he care about was mother nature and how to offer to his people a better life in perfect balance with nature. Ever since he was a kid he used to spend hours watching the natural flow of the water in a spring the incredible connection between plants, water and soil and the mighty forces that come out of nowhere. His friends used to call him "the water wizard" because he could see sources of endless energy everywhere in the nature. Despite this he was modest and always used to say: "Nature is my teacher". As a child he one day built a mini wood cutting machine that was entirely propelled by the force of the spring that was crossing their backyard. His father and neighbors were speechless. Living all day long in the middle of the nature and using these observations Viktor initiates designs for generating power and motion that worked in harmony with nature so that they did not produce toxic emissions. 

For Viktor nature is the foremost teacher which means that the task of technology is not to correct nature but to imitate it.

'Kapieren und kopeiren' was the principle that guided him throughout his life, which means "first understand nature and then sopy it". Having been a witness to the destruction of the environment due to industrialization, Schauberger made a series of inventions meant to counteract the destructions and create equilibrium. 

And that was before meeting Hitler.

Most of his inventions had to do with water and this is the reason why he was given the nickname "water wizard". 

Between 1930-1932 he made experiments by extracting electrical energy directly from water and in the same time he started to work on other secret source of energy. In 1935 applied for two patents: "air turbine" and "procedure for lifting liquids and gases". In 1937 he built the "warmth-cold machine", constructed for Siemens. 

But Hitler had different plans. He knew that smart inventions and cutting edge technology will make a difference.. so he became very interested in the best inventors in the country. Viktor Schaurberger's amazing inventions didn't get through without being noticed. Soon Hitler heard more and more about this genius that can transform most of the nature in source of energy and inventions. For the first time Hitler insisted in meeting Viktor Schauberger in person. He was fascinated by his entire work and deep inside he truly admired him. Hitler knew that this guy had something special. He invited Schauberger in his office and talked for 3 hours. Hitler's staff was shocked. Nobody else was able to captivate him as much as Schauberger did.  A witness of this meeting later said: "The furer was like a child. You could see the joy in his eyes as he was talking to Scauberger. The simplicity and the genius of the inventormelted his heart as never before". But all these happened for a reason. At that point Germany was not yet at war. Hitler was still preparing and wanted to accelerate the process on two different areas: weapons and energy. Yet it was very hard for him to decide which one is the most important. Afetr the meeting he told Schauberger to get back to him in two weeks with a very detailed plan of inventions and applications in both fields: free energy and weapon technology. Rumors say that Hitler was so delighted with this meeting that he dropped tears.. realizing that this kind of genius will help him win the war. He couldn't even sleep that night. Anyway, after two weeks Schauberger got back to Hitler as planned. Pacifist by nature he tried to convince the furer(the leader) to use all his knowledge for offering people a better life but no one knew about what Hitler had in mind. He was absessed with only two things: going to war and conquering the world. After a few moments of thinking he decided: "All your work from now on will be dedicated to weapon development field. The rest of your projects can wait a few more years". 

Viktor was very disappointed and all he could reply was: "Furer, we're already getting amazing results in the free energy field.. but if you want me to abandon it I'll gladly do it".

Obviously, there was no joy in what Hitler offered him.. but it was impossible to refuse him. It's known that in 1938 he built with his son Walter a replica of Lord Kelvin's Falling Water Experiment of capillary research, generating a voltage of 20,000 volts but Hitler decides to shut down the experiments. Schauberger started the work for Nazis and helped to build a revolutionary aircraft engine. But his vim an vigor for this kind of work was lost. He hated what he was doing. 

In 1944 Schauberger developed an improved Repulsine and a submarine engine for Germany's war effort, at the Mathausen concentration camp. All prototypes and working models of the Repulsine were subsequently destoyed by the order of Field Marshall Keitel due the collapse of the German armies. But all these couldn't stop him to secretly work on what he believed: free energy sources for people. During the day he was working for Nazis and at night he was working with his son on his free energy devices. Nazis noticed that he was not very enthusiastic about what he was doing and he even got threatened that being hanged. 

Fortunately the Nazis lost the war and Schuaberger survived.

Some crazy rumors even say that Hitler managed to flee to South Amarica with an UFO built buy Schauberger.. but no one could prove it. Not only Nazis knew about Schauberger. Somehow the American intelligence found out about his genius and wanted all his work. They assembled a commando team to steal all his inventions. Finally, he was imprisoned by Americans by what is called "protective custody". Russians found about it as well and after the war they ransack his apartment and blew it up to prevent the allies to find any hidden secrets.

All these free energy secrets triggered the interest of other snakes. 

The big energy fat cats were in full expansion at that time. Any invention in the free energy field needed to be stopped, forbidden or destroyed. They had(and still have) huge influence in politics. It was quite easy for them to make Schauberger's secrets forgotten. It would have been a huge threat for their business. Schauberger's free energy inventions were showing clearly how anyone can be independent and generate a lot more energy than needed using the Mother Nature. For many years this issue has been buried but what the greedy fat cats didn't know was that Schauberger has never released the full designs to the Nazis. So what Americans had stolen was incomplete.

How do I know about this ?

Well, it just so happens that I've lived for a in Germany for a few years in the same small village that Schauberger lived his last days. In a strange chain of events I met a person who now owned Schauberger's house. His name is Martin Kurd, a very simple guy who didn't have a clue about anything. We bacame friends and knowing that I'm very passionate about free energy and inventors he told me that in the basement of his house he found old buried documents that I might be interested to see. 

Knowing that that was Schauberger's house I accepted and once I saw it I knew that my life is going to change.

It was the design of a free energy device that no one knew about.. not even the Nazis. Before doing anything with the plans, I wanted to make sure they were authentic. I mean, it could have just been a big hoax so I wanted to see if it the device could be built, and find out if it would work for domestic use. According to some other additional documents I found.. it seems that Viktor built and tested the device with great success.
heck, it was the device that powered his house in the last days of the war when most of Germany was a ruin. To my great disappointment, at first sight the plans seemed to be possible only for someone with great knowledge regarding electricalcomponents and systems,  but more or less impossible for the average JOE like you and me. I went to a friend of mine, who's an electrical engineer. He went over the plans, worked with me to build a device, and then fugured out how to simplify the plans, so that pretty ,uch anyone could understand them. So, the information I'm about to provide you with is much easier than would expect it to be.. even if you've never built anything before. Actually, I can say that current plans are especially made for those who never built anything before!

Well his generator was that kind of invention: something incredibly simple to assemble if you know how to do it yet so genuinely different from anything else you've ever seen before that, you'll slap yourself for not thinking of it yourself. I don't have a lot of technical knowledge whatsover.. but still I was able to do it in just three days.. and it works. Although it may look an odd device and very hard to build device I assure you
that even a 12 years kid could do it by following the simplified plans. 

2332 people are already doing it with great success. I'm not the only one who has copies of these blueprints because other people have the right to see it too.. therefore I shared them with those interested. You can find Schauberger's original blueprints on a few websites. But, you'll quickly discover that without the full instaructions, they\re pretty useless. You see, he left both plans and blueprints behind, but most people only have the blueprints. And that's where we come into the picture. As I said, I reached out to my friend the electrical engineer and a few other friends who are interested in the idea of free energy for the public. Together, we helped simplify Schauberger's original design. 

Working together as a team, we've created a quick and easy guide, which you can use to make your own Schauberger Generator - and slash your electric bills by 83% or more.. starting today.

The results are impressive. Once you discover just how easy it is to build the Schauberger generator you'll instantly save 50%, 75% or more without spending $20,000 or more on expensive solar panels that are very hard to install and require maintenance. You'll enjoy even greater savings - up to 100% or MORE (so that electric company actually pays you) when you descover the simple "scaling secret" for getting virtually unlimited free energy. You'll be able to power any kind of household appliances - from laptops and toasters, to electricity hogs like refrigerators and AC units, you can even power up a remote cabin in the wilderness - without having to worry about paying the electric company $30,000 or more to hook you into the grid. You'll have a your life-saver during the crisis moments when the electric grid goes down.

Your friends and neighbors won't have electric power for their homes, but you will. Oh, and by the way, I'm sure you know that considering the current situation, the electric grid could go down just about any time. You'll be able to decide how much electicity you produce. Whether you decide to produce a mere 20% of your electricity needs to a whopping 120% or more of what you need, if you choose to make a bigger device.

What's more, because the Schauberger generator is very light and portable, it makes for one of the best "emergency" generator you could ever hope for. Unlike solar panels, it won't get blown off the roof by strong winds or hurricanes. It's small enough that you can install it in your basement, in your garage, or in your backyard.. and not worry about weather conditions for one second.

And unlike conventional "portable" generators, there are no fumes.. plus you have the added benefit of not having to spend hundreds of dollars on fuel. In fact, there's very little to spend or do at all.

With the exception of a simple maintenance check every few months, the generator is really a "set and forget" piece of equipment. Because there's no friction, you won't even hear it running! You can hide it in a box and it will generate endless electricity energy for you like magic. Plus, once you make it as I show you.. there will be no risks whatsoever that you or your kids get a shock whatsoever.

It's 100% inoffensive and it will change your life the moment you have it installed. It's no wonder people are raving about it. In the short time we've made this available to the public, those who tried the device got impressive results. 

Sean Bollock from New York says: "I was paying through the nose for electricity, and now I'm energetically independent... and it's only been about 40 days since I got Schauberger's generator."

And Frank Patrick from Boston says: "My electric bills kept getting bigger and bigger... and for a while I was thinking about paying $15,000 for a solar power system. Glad I didn't. The Schauberger generator does the trick, and it cost me a little under $200 to make it".

Here's what 68-year-old Dave Clutter from Colorado says: "I've never built anything in my entire life... yet this was so easy, I assembled it in a weekend. Now we get free electricity 24/7."

And hundreds of other who are now paying less than half of what they used to on their energy bills saving thousands of dollars each year on electricity, because of the Schauberger generator.

The bottom line is this: if you want to "cut the cord" and free yourself from the electric company you need to hear all about the plans and instructions for making your own Schauberger generator.

As I already mentioned, we took Schauberger's intricate designs.. originally created for nazis but hidden and "translated" them into plain-English, so that anyone - no matter what age or skills - can make their own electricity and get off the grid. Then we built the device and recorded everything on camera. It's like we're sitting next to you while building it. You'll see exactly how to do it... and how easy it is to build it at home even if you're man, woman, young or old. 

Here's what you'll find inside this simple, step-by-step guide:

  • First and foremost the video that will show you how to make it at home fast and easy starting today... even with components that you already have at home and you don't use.
  • How to make your own "Schauberger generator" in as little as 3 hours... with parts you can finid at any local electronics store for less $200.
  • The simple "scaling secret" that allows you to take a small savings of 25% off your electric bill.. and double it.. triple it.. even quadruple it - so you can get off the grid, or even get paid by the electric company!
  • The schoking truths about the "vampire loads" that are piling up costs on your electric bill.. making you shell out more money to the electric company. Plus - the simple way to eliminate them, for almost instant savings!
  • A short list of all the simple parts and materials you need to make the Schauberger generator... for about $193 in total costs.
  • And on top of that, you get the complete blueprints.. color photos.. and step by step instructions to make your own perpetual motor even if you have "two left hands" and never assembled anything in your entire life!

Remember - Schauberger used awkward elements... and they still worked.

That's why, even through the Schauberger generator isn't something you'd call "pretty"... it's incredibly easy to build, even for a complete newbie.

The Schauberger generator is an amazing device that's already changing thousands of lives all around the world. We've got reports of people savings as little as 35% on electric costs.. and as much as 120%. That is.. they're now producing more electricity than they need. So much that the electric company is actually them a check by mail every single month! Just imagine what you could do if you weren't forced to pay $100 or more every single month on electricity. Or, even better, if you're one of those who are forced to shell out $300 or more on electricity each month. The Schauberger generator could help you save more than $3500 by end of the year!

You'd suddenly be free to take care of other expenses.. like improving your home, or taking your spouse to a nice dinner every once in a while. Or you can simply use this extra cash to make your retirement more enjoyable. The choice is yours - and the electric company will be picking up the tab for it. With all that in mind, it would make a lot of sense to charge a lot for the Schauberger generator blueprints.

But we won't do that.

In fact.. the only reason we're even charging a fee for the video instructions and blueprints is to cover our Research & Development expenses but most of all, to be able to keep this website up.

So here's the deal:

You'll get immediate access to all the Blueprints, the step by step DIY videos, and the lists of tools and supplies.. for just $47.

That's probably less than half of what you're paying each month on electricity.. and you can recover that investment in as little as 30 days.

You'll get full access to the videos instantly and you'll also going to receive a document (pdf) to help you with the videos. No S&H, no time and money wasted. Getting the videos for the Schauberger generator is easy.

Just click the "Add to cart" button below, and you'll be taken to our secure order page.

Plus, if you click on add to cart button right now you'll get an amazing gift that will thrill you. It's guide called "Biodiesel - the energy of the future" and it will show you the true power of this new source of energy.
Normally this booklet alone is sold with $37 but only today and only with Schauberger's generator product you can get it for free.

There's more..

One time crazy offer !!!

We're so confident that Schauberger generator we'll change your life that we're willing to extend this crazy guarantee. Get the step-by-step videos today.. and put them to the test.
See how easy it is to make your own electricity with Schauberger generator. Watch as your power meter slows down the moment you plug in your generator. And see that it's like to slash your electric bill by 50%.. 75% or more.. in less than 2 months.

You have 60 days to decide whether this was a good investment or not.


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