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Steinman Generator

On a cold winter morning 67 years ago, a German U-boat was leaving the port of Rostock… heading for the US East Coast. Its mission: to deliver a deadly blow to the US Navy and the City of New York… a blow that would make the Pearl Harbor catastrophe look like a picnic. Its cargo: an elite crew and an impressive cache of the Nazis most destructive weapons… all being hauled across the Atlantic with the help of an ultra secret “free energy» generator. 

And in this short story, that won’t be up for long, you too will discover how to use this secret generator to make your own electricity in slash your electric bills by 57%, 76% or more… so you can kick the electric company out of your home… or even make the electric company “fat cats» pay YOU for the surplus you sell back to the grid. It all has to do with a revolutionary little device with an impossibly long name, that was invented in 1925 by Otto Steinman, a Captain in the German Navy. 

The “Magnetstromapparata», as he called it, was capable of harnessing magnet power to produce 100% free electricity… without any fumes or dangerous emissions whatsoever… and without any outside input - like gas or solar energy. It was so powerful that it scared the hell out of the committee that had the task of evaluating it… After all, it was Germany’s Ace up its sleeve… A generator with an invisible energy source that never ran out, capable of powering up any weapon of the Third Reich. But fate had other plans Steinman’s amazing invention… and for 67 long years this incredible device laid on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, sunk in WW2 along with its creator. 

Only in 2011, a fortunate chain of events led to the uncovering of what was possibly the most critical invention of the 20th century! By a fortunate mistake, the curator at the Nuremberg archives stumbled upon the building plans of this amazing device. Although he tried… the curator wasn’t allowed to publish the blueprints… because the Electricity Corporations had already been tipped off. And by the usual suppression method used in such cases, the plans simply “vanished». But after an information leak from the Electricity companies, we got a hold of these blueprints, and with both hope and skepticism we wanted to see if the device really makes free energy. The results were beyond our wildest dreams! We document our success, and in a few minutes in this video, we’ll show you real footage of it in action! The undeniable proof that the Steinman generator is real and it works… It’s an amazing device that will change your life and eliminate those overpriced power bills! And now, you too can use this WW2 invention and with a few 2013 tweaks to it, you can juice up any electrical devices, ranging from small clocks, to refrigerators or big screen plasma TVs. You can also take it with you when you go camping, and enjoy “mobile» free energy for your caravan or your tent… Best of all… you can even get entirely off the grid with a high-output generator you can build in your spare time! 

But first, you need to hear the unbelievable story of U-boat Commander, Captain Otto Steinman. 

Otto Steinman was born in 1893 in Poland. Growing up in a city by the sea, he always dreamt of being aboard a ship, sailing the Oceans have the World with nothing to stand in his way. In 1914, with the start of the first World War, his father was named Captain in the German Navy and was put in charge up the naval base in Rostock. Through him, Otto got his first view of a submarine and realized that’s the ship he would command to fulfill his childhood dream. His dreams came true in 1939… When WW2 began, he was given the command of his own U-boat. With Steinman at the rudder, U-499 sunk ship after ship cutting its way through allied convoys and British destroyers. Adolf Hitler himself presented the commander with an Iron Cross… But after accepting the decoration with a forced smile on his face… Steinman was heard saying to his friends that “I couldn’t care less about this mad man, all I do I do for my country!» Now for most of the U-boat Captains of WW2, life would only be a fight for survival in the depths of the world’s oceans. Otto however had something else he wanted to give back to his country. Because even though he was a brilliant U-boat commander and an amazing tactician… 

Otto Steinman was also an “outside the box» inventor with an incredible talent in engineering. He had been experimenting with magnets and the magnetic field of the Earth ever since his college days. He somehow knew that with a little tweak and fine tuning in copper coils, from 4 different magnetic sources, the coil would produce a much needed electric current. So in 1925, just 4 years after graduating, he had finished his invention - the generator that needed no outside power to function. Steinman presented his invention to an investigation Committee (made of some of the wisest minds in Berlin) which came to the conclusion that the device exhibited “no fault, hoax, or fraud on the part of its inventor.» 

Here’s how it all works: 

As you probably already know… the Earth is nothing but an oversized magnet - with two poles. Just like every magnet, the Earth has its own magnetic field lines. And as our planet’s field lines pass through the 6 magnets and covering coils in the Steinman Generator, it induces electrical current through the system. It may all sound a little complicated, when in fact it’s incredibly simple - just like most genius inventions. Imagine the coils as whirlpools in the water. Water is present all around them, but once it passes through the vortex, it gains speed and focuses on the sink hole. This is exactly the principle behind Steinman’s amazing device. Energy from around the coils is picked up an amplified, through its spiral shape, forming electricity within the current. This natural phenomenon allows the device to generate a limitless amount of power without depending on any conventional resources. Excited with this new discovery, Steinman sent his invention to the SS Corps. But even though it was a proven functioning device, the SS pushed it away again and again. They didn’t deem the project “interesting enough», since at that time there was no lack no need of new energy resources. Don’t forget that by 1939, Adolf Hitler had already taken over Poland, so, drunk with glory, and overflowing in natural resources, the head staff of WW2 Germany didn’t even blink an eye towards Steinman’s device. Another reason for the SS not to mass-produce the device is at the building costs would have raised to hundreds of thousands of Deutsche Marks… just for one generator. Germany’s war machine could not afford such a big investment while waging war on three fronts. It was the 1940s, and the stuff that we can buy for a few bucks now… like an ordinary transistor… used to cost tens of thousands of dollars in today’s money (IF you could find it). But our greatest luck was just that. Hitler in the SS didn’t see its potential until it was too late. And that’s just the thing that saved us. In 1944, things started to turn bad for the Third Reich after the failed campaigns in Africa and Russia… So Hitler started planning a surprise attack on the United States (who were at war now after the cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese). 

There were only two ways of attacking the US without been spotted. By high altitude, or deep sea. And both ways needed a device that could provide enough power. Hitler chose the deep blue to be its first attempt on attacking the US. So, in late 1944, a Magnetstromapparata was constructed by the SS Engineers Corps in order to power up the silent electric motor of a submarine. The submarine chosen for this historic voyage would be U-499 commanded by none other than Otto Steinman. He was the perfect man for this job, being both an extraordinary U-Boat Captain and the inventor of its revolutionary power source. After fitting the new hart of the submarine, the SS set upon what they thought would be the road to victory: an underwater journey to the East Coast of the United States with the intention of executing strategic strikes on vital ports… while also testing Steinman’s incredible generator. But the US intelligence was one step ahead of them. After breaking the code of the Enigma machine (Germany’s coding and decoding device) in 1944, the US managed to intercept and understand the radio transmissions between Berlin HQ and the Northern Sea naval shipyard. This is how they tapped into the transmission to and from Steinman’s U-499 that was already leaving port. So, as Captain Steinman’s submarine was quietly approaching the United States… a group of US submarines replicating the Wolf Pack formation and attack strategy of the German Navy, intercepted and sank the incoming electric U-Boat near Iceland. 

Like a true Commander, Otto Steinman went down with his ship, but he also took with him the secret to his invention that was way ahead of its time. But now Steinman’s generator has resurfaced… 

After 67 long years, it’s finally back and ready to bring the Greedy Electric Corporations on their knees! Here’s uncensored footage demonstrating how it works: You’ve just witnessed a small-scale Steinman generator at work. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we first switched the device on. It’s amazing how something that is all around you like magnetic field lines… can help you power up light bulbs… refrigerators… or any other appliances for that matter. The Steinman device can power-up any household electricity guzzler… from your hair dryer to your air conditioning or your big screen plasma TV. 

You can generate electricity wherever and whenever you need it. 

Think about it: if a disaster strikes and leaves you for weeks without electricity… You might be forced to leave your home and survive on your own for some time. But this little device can keep you out of the dark. Built on a larger scale, it can provide enough electricity to power up your entire home! And remember… this may have been very complex - and extremely expensive to build - back in the 40s… just because everything we take for granted these days (like a simple transistor) was nowhere to be found back then. In fact, some of the stuff Steinman would have killed for back in 1939, is available for only a few bucks at your local Radio Shack. But the fact is, you don’t have to be an engineer to make your own free electricity. Even if you’re all thumbs, you can pull this through without a whistle. 

Just look at what regular folks are saying about the Steinman Generator: 

“Building something was just not my thing. I was talked into it and I can proudly say that I’ve built the generator from my first attempt», says Jon Leven from Sacramento, California. 

“The Steinman generator got me on my feet again. I had a lot of fun building it and now I can really enjoy the $140 I’m saving each month», says Bob Swiper from Florida. 

And Ric Fortuna from Ohio says… “It’s funny… it took a Nazi invention for me to get rid of my in-house nickname - the Power Nazi. It’s been almost two months since I first turned the switch on, and we’ve gone off the grid completely». 

And these are just a few of the people who’ve used this amazing device to slash their electric bill - and get even on the electric company. 

Imagine… Once you’ve built it, you can take it anywhere you need. And because it’s highly portable and lightweight, it needs almost no maintenance at all. Just plug it in… and forget all about it for the next 6 months (you won’t even here at running). And best of all, no one will come to read a meter on it! It’s yours, and as long as the Earth has two poles, you can enjoy 100% FREE electricity for the rest of your life! But if you want to get that free electricity, time is of the essence! 

And I’ll tell you why: It’s simple: the original Steinman plans were leaked from Electric Companies. And be sure that by now they’ve realized their huge mistake. And when something so small but so powerful threatens their multi-billion-dollar empires, the big legal machine comes into action, hunting down any little website that provides information on this amazing device! So it’s just a matter of time until they get to us… But we’re pretty committed to letting this out in the open, even if it exposes us! We had to open some pretty thick doors to get a hold of these unique plans… There are a few diagrams floating around on the Internet, but none so thoroughly detailed as the one in our possession. The one that will help you claim your freedom from the greedy electric companies once and for all! Unfortunately, no one can sell these amazing devices, or else many store owners would be extraordinarily rich. Playing games with Big Energy is THAT dangerous. Their legal hounds make this device impossible to be found and bought from your local utility store. 

But if we can’t give you the generator, that doesn’t mean we can’t show you how to make one yourself! 

We have documented on video the entire process of constructing a fully operational Steinman generator, and we are ready to show to the world! It was hard to figure out how much to charge for this valuable information. Think about it… a powerful solar panel array or a simple wind generator system starts from $20,000. And it will only cut your electric bill by 50 percent or less… if you’re lucky. So, Steinman’s generator would be a steal even at $10,000. And think about the savings: how good would it feel to save an extra $100 per month on your electric bill? That’s $1200 a year… and tens of thousands of dollars saved over a lifetime. But there’s something even more important than money here - and that’s the feeling that you are now completely energy independent - and that you don’t owe the electric company a red cent. That’s why we’re only asking for a fraction of what this device is truly worth. In fact, this bargain will cost you less than what you save by using it for one month! 

So here’s the deal: You can get the leaked blueprints for the Steinman Generator, along with all the instructions you need to make your own free electricity and get off the grid fast - for just $49.97 and not a cent more. Within this amazing package you will find: - How to make your own FREE energy generator in under 38 minutes; - A short & sweet list of all the tools and parts you’ll ever need to get the job done (they’re NOT expensive - and you can get off the grid for less than $100 in expenses); PLUS: full transcripts for all the videos, so you don’t miss a thing! 

So go on - click the orange “Add to Cart» button below - and gain access to this amazing technology NOW, while it’s still available! And really, the price doesn’t even matter. That’s because you’re protected by… Our 60 days, no questions asked money back guarantee. Here’s what it’s all about: You have 60 days to put our claims to the test. You need to be absolutely thrilled with the amount you’re saving each month or simply let us know, and we will promptly refund the full purchase price, down to the last cent. So, you could be 100% assured your purchase is risk-free.

To claim your copy of the Steinman Generator Video Blueprints risk-free, just click on the orange button below. You’ll be taken to a secure order form where you’ll be asked for your info, so you can gain access to our special members area. You’ll have to act fast. 

Even as you’re reading this story, the legal hounds of the Electric Companies are closing in on their target. And not only will this opportunity be gone in the future, but you’ll probably never hear about Otto Steinman again… That’s because Big Energy has a good reason to be scared beyond belief. After 67 years, the weapon that threatened the free world can now be used to liberate you from the chains that are tying you to the greedy Energy companies. The device generates power like nothing you’ve seen before. Imagine slashing your power bills by 57%, 64%, 78% and the meantime powering up all the “electricity guzzlers» in your home with zero costs. You can even make the meter run backwards and charge Big Energy for the surplus of power you bring to the grid. And of course, after a couple of months Big Energy would cut the cord itself just to stop paying for the power you charge them month after month. Imagine 3 months from now… The mailman passes by and hands you the electricity bill… Just looking at it… makes you proud of being not only energy independent but also an electricity provider… because the bill is not showing debt anymore! Actually, it has a minus in front of all those figures… Now they have to pay YOU! So, in your next envelope there will also be a check. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 or 105 dollars. It will be the sweetest dollars of your life! 

Simply try the Steinman generator today. You risk nothing. You’ve seen the proof that this works, and in less than a month, you WILL see the results for yourself. The road to energy independence starts with the push of a button. So click the “Add to Cart» button below… claim your “energy freedom»… and see for yourself how it feels to kick the Electric company out of your home.

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