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H2O Generator

I’m about to reveal a weird “little trick» I’ve been using during the last few months. I use it to generate 3 kilowatts of free electricity; when I want and where I want. And get this… I can run this little wonder for around 1 hour long without the need of diesel, gas or even propane! Needless to say, I can restart it… at will. Now, I know it’s a BOLD claim, but I’ll provide proof that it’s real. 

What’s more? 

I’ll show you that the old paradigm of hydro power is not valid anymore. You probably think I’m crazy… but you don’t need to live beneath a waterfall or near a river, or stream to benefit from hydroelectricity. Not anymore… “Read this story from a man who successfully built a working test version». “The generator is now running itself». You see, most of us are still annoyed with our energy bills. We keep paying thousands of dollars each and every year to the power company. But at the same time, there’s a little voice in our head that whispers: “There must be a smarter solution». 

Have you ever thought about the reasons why producing your own electricity was exciting? 

I’ll tell you. In fact, I’ll reveal to you things about this new “generator», that are so fascinating… Things that you probably never knew. And I’ll ask you to watch and read what’s to follow with the greatest attention. Each word that you’ll read is true… and most of my life was dedicated to finding these secrets. Let’s go! 

Who am I, and why you should listen closely to me? 

My name is Christian Leveque. I’m a 43-year-old electro-mechanical engineer that literally fell in love with the words “free energy» when I was 10. That was a result of watching a show called “Chocky» back in the 80s. Hmm… I guess most of you never heard about that show, but that’s OK... Oh boy, I can’t tell you how much it shaped my life. 33 years later, I still have the same burning passion. You see, since I was a child, I refuse to view the laws of science as somehow sacred… so if a particular law gets in the way, I see no harm in going around it for a while… to see if there’s something on the other side. Hey, I’m so excited to present this generator, I almost forgot to this video is not about me. It’s about you and how you can cut down your electric bill. I’m tempted to call this the “Holy Grail» of electricity. Flirting with perpetual motion, but grounded in reality. But let me give you a fair warning first: If you’re looking for a “Get-Energy-Quick» producing 5 Megawatts that requires only $100 of spare parts to build… with let’s say… 1 day of construction… then CLOSE this page right away! To put it frankly, I’m not into that kind of “science fiction» claim. What I’m presenting to you is a Legit, Proven, and Realistic way… to stop relying on the electric company. It’s about how you can have your own portable generator, so efficient it will blow your mind. Even better, if you think that soldering solar cells is dead boring; if installing a wind turbine is straight-up impossible in your area; or if you just want a new breed of generator that can produce a 100% free electricity in your home… then keep watching. You’ll soon possess a DIY generator that is relatively simple and affordable to build. 

Remember, I’m not selling you a “Suppressed invention from a 20th century scientist that miraculously landed in my hands». Duh! I get sick just reading that kind of nonsense. Instead, this method is feasible, practical, and 100% legal. 

OK. Let me introduce you to the H2O Generator. 

In other words, it powers itself while producing excess electricity… without relying on Sun or wind for one second. You now know that it literally runs itself for 1 hour without interruption. That’s more than enough to stock A LOT of energy into a battery bank, and operate hungry appliances. But remember: you can “rinse and repeat» this operation as many times as you like. Just restart the generator, and there you go: free watts. 

So how is it possible? 

The principle behind this generator is based on the Homopolar Generator’s paradox, discovered by Michael Faraday. In fact, you can prove it to yourself as little as 5 minutes. And no, it doesn’t require any electronic circuit. All you need is: A magnetic socket for CB radio antennas. Normally, a ferrite magnet. One 8x80 mm bolt and nut. An electric drill. And finally, an electronic multimeter. That’s all. Now, extract the magnet from the socket antenna, without dismounting the soft iron shell. Screw the 8mm bolt on the magnet axis. And finally, put the axis of the apparatus on the electric drill (Please note that the drill should be fixed on adapted support). All you have to do now is run the electric drill and measure the current. To put it mildly, you will be surprised. While turning around on the electric drill, the apparatus will produce electricity! This simple experiment reveals that electricity is NOT solely produced by the mechanical rotation of a coil inside a magnetic field. Like in every electrical generator… it’s also created by something rather intriguing: Empty space. 

This is what Dr. Harold Puthoff, Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Texas has to say: “While such a phenomenon would have seemed to absolutely go against the law energy conservation a number of years ago, we now recognize that the potential for extracting energy out of so-called empty space is in fact a reality.» 

Now, we’ve taken the same proof of concept and tested our unorthodox idea. What if we could adapted two fluids? In this case: water. And what we found was amazing! The H2O generator would extract energy from the inertial field of space… just like the Homopolar Generator. With a bit of help from a few “job colleagues», I’ve gone through dozens and dozens a designs, going by trial and error. Designing the exact method that a regular man or woman can reproduce. And don’t tell my boss… You know, there are plenty of “free energy» guides that claim to be efficient. Some sell for $39, other for $300. I know it, because I bought almost all of them. Most of these systems are very complex. They were made by scientists… for scientists! What I wanted was a method that is practical. One that can be replicated. It has taken me a lot of research before attaining this foolproof system, but I’ll tell you what: It was worth it. In my guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to creating your own H2O Generator… and you definitely don’t need a PhD in engineering to do it. I will literally take you by the hands, from start to finish. 

Please, let me explain: Bottom-line, a free energy is simple. The problem is never the lack of resources. It’s resourcefulness. Now, would you be comfortable using a rare advantage to generate electricity? If your answer is NO - I suggest you stop watching this presentation. The information I’m sharing has no value for you. But if your answer is YES… if you are in fact comfortable profiting from a very legal - but very unfair - advantage, then I urge you to act on it. At last, this is like having “Electricity On-Demand» device! You know, it was NOT your fault if you failed to replicate free energy devices before! It’s not that you weren’t intelligent enough, or not skillful enough. It’s because these guides generally lacked details and miss crucial information. They just talk about generalities, and give you one or two old pictures. The result? It leaves you feeling more frustrated. Does that seem familiar? Here, instead, I’ve added my professionally rendered 3d drawings to support the real pictures, full step-by-step plans, and precise walkthrough. This is where it’s really interesting for you: You can take advantage of this right now and start saving money, 15 or 20 days from now. Why will I help you, by the way? Simple. Because I’m passionately in love with free energy. And the only way I can reach as many people as possible is to “duplicate» myself through this website. I’m not saying that if you only know how to screw in a light-bulb, then you’ll be able to build this generator. That’s what you hear from every salesman. Instead, this is a real opportunity for a change. And today, it’s your turn to take action for the quality of your life. But that’s not all: pretty soon, you’ll discover that this project is fun too! 

I can guarantee you that you’ll fall in love with your homemade H2O generator. Just like me when I saw it work for the first time. Now tell me. What would you feel if you had an “on-demand» free energy device that really works? Let me see that another way: How would you feel knowing that you have attained total freedom of energy? Producing electricity when you want, and where you want? A recent study says that some 750,000 American families have achieved energy self-sufficiency. How about you? Do you belong to the households in the US that are spending around $1300 on electricity, every year? What would you do if you could save, let’s say 75% of that money? That’s $975 saved directly in to your bank account. What would you do with those savings? Will you improve the quality of your vacations with your family? Or maybe add another vacation trip? Or let’s say… invest it so they would multiply? Imagine a generator that takes you around 15 to 20 days to build (less than a solar panel project) that can be built even if you’re not an engineer, and better yet… a generator that is not dependent upon any external resource. You just take it with you when you’re camping or while you’re on a road trip. Whether it’s rainy, snowy, or shiny outside, the generator will always produce the same amount of electricity. And I’ve got to get something off my chest… this is a way for you to act for the planet, not just “talk» for the planet. 

Needless to say, the H2O Generator is completely eco-friendly, with no byproducts, no gases, and no dangerous emissions. OK, I’m sure you’re familiar with standard electric generators. They are so noisy that it’s just irritating. Well, the H2O generator can be compared to an electric car versus a diesel truck! 

After building this generator, all you’ll want to do is bury your old noisy generator 6 feet deep. Did I tell you that you can build an array of generators to scale up your project? Which means that it produces 10 times more energy… and literally runs for hours. It’s your turn to humiliate the power company! The final choice is yours. You’re free to take a big leap towards your energy freedom. And as I’m proudly standing behind my guide, I’m pleased to offer you a 60 day money-back guarantee. Get the materials, assemble the generator, and if you find that our H2O generator is not reducing your electric bill… just send me an email, and I will refund 100% of your money back. Either you reduce your bills, or this guide is free. As simple as that. It’s better to make your decision when you’re holding all the cards, isn’t it? So, do not miss this chance to test this method “worth its weight in gold»… 

Go ahead, order now at the promotional price. I’ll see you on the other side!

Still here? Let’s make things clear: the energy mess we are in is going to be solved, mainly by back-yard tinkers, small-scale production, and home-grown solutions. In short: YOU! Or I should say: WE. Don’t count on the government to help you. There are too many corporate interests who profit by keeping you as “energy slaves». Their one and only passion is keeping you tied to the gas pump and electricity grid. Believe it. Why would the change something that gets the money, anyway? So seize this opportunity to reclaim your freedom and stop burning up your precious money. The back-yard, “independent energy» revolution… is here.

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