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Fuelless Generator

It All Started With A Tremendous Explosion. “Albert… this is Nikola, please call me.» A second later 2,150 square miles of Siberia was flattened… and with it small villages, people, reindeer, bears, wolves and thousands of other living creatures fell along with the vegetation. The area never fully recovered. The Tunguska explosion was the biggest impact that Earth suffered throughout the history of civilized man. People in hundreds of places in Asia and Europe witnessed the incident. 

The Stories Were Remarkable! Strong heat waves, intense winds, horrific crashes and earthquakes were reported. Testimony of S. Semenov, as recorded by Leonid Kulik’s expedition in 1930: “At breakfast time I was sitting by the house. I suddenly saw the sky split in two and fire appeared high and wide over the forest. The split in the sky grew larger, and the entire northern side was covered with fire. At that moment I became so hot that I couldn’t bear it, as if my shirt was on fire… then the sky shut closed, and a strong thump sounded, and I was thrown a few good meters. I lost my senses for a moment…» Many saw a ball of fire and its tail in rushing smoky horizon… The night sky glowed for weeks, as the amount of dust was released into the stratosphere by the blast… In London, more than 7,000 miles away from the epicenter, one could read a newspaper at night, with only this light. 

What happened? Comet? Gas explosion? Antimatter? 

It was calculated that the magnitude of the blast was between… 10 and 15 million tons a dynamite… but the object that caused it never touched the surface of the Earth. Rejected the assumption of a meteorite, but taking into account the reports to the fireball, a hypothesis emerged even more spectacular - and most likely: in 1908! Nikola Tesla at the time was experimenting with a wireless torpedo (death ray); some think this weapon testing had to do with the Tunguska event. 

Nikola Tesla cause the Tunguska event! 

This controversial theory was promoted those days by the up-rising energy companies that wanted to suppress and silence for good the unsung electrical genius Nikola Tesla. “Nikola Tesla was testing out some sort of weird, phantasmagorical communication device or super-scary “energy weapon» or “death ray» and made a big “…oops!» Even though the 1908 frame time does not match up for Tesla working on such devices, for him to be testing out such inventions in such an apocalyptic matter is quite a stretch, not to mention he was nowhere near the area at the time. Even funnier: the theory that Tesla inadvertently caused the massive explosion when he was trying to get the attention of an explorer friend in the area.» Actually, the head to the power companies those days decided to use this theory to suppress in silence for good Tesla’s revolutionary new device! But first it’s important to understand who Nikola Tesla was and why this simple invention could change your life. 

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) is perhaps the greatest overlooked genius in American history… His dream of harnessing the link between magnetism and electricity pushed him to design and build this cutting-edge concept in just 7 months. And that dream would completely transform the world and allow us to generate seemingly limitless amount of electrical power! Tesla was Mr. Electrical Invention… The Real Free Energy Genius. Tesla was paid $75,000 for his Fuelless Generator patents and offered $2.50 for every horse power his motors would generate. This should have guaranteed him vast wealth for the rest of his life but that’s not what happened. The Up-Rising power companies saw a real threat in Tesla and his designs and wanted to eliminate him for good from the electricity stage. And that was just sheer greed for power and money… But his genius wasn’t going to give up the fight with the system. He fought until the last day of his life to bring the generator into the service of mankind and empower everyone to become energy independent as he always dreamed of. Because This Type Of Energy Is Free! 

Actually, the Big Cats decided to suppress this amazing device that - Produces 100% free electrical power without consuming gas, oil or any other type of fuel. - No gas. No fumes. No noise. - Is practically maintenance-free. - Very high efficient… it is over 900% better in voltage gain than any other known generator. - Does not pollute the air. It’s time for every human to truly take advantage of this revolutionary life-saving device… and with it, generating your own free power the way Tesla imagined has been made possible again. 

Read this short presentation to the end and witness the Resurrection Of The Greatest Invention Of The Last 100 Years And Learn - how to use Nikola Tesla’s suppressed invention to make your own free electricity and give the foot to the Carnivorous Electricity Companies that grow bigger and bigger sucking out our money; - power any electrical guzzler like an air conditioning system, big screen TV or refrigerator… or even your entire home; - build a fully transportable device and take it wherever you need power, even in remote high-altitude locations… an easy to use, instant power generator system that anybody can put together. 

Tesla Gave Us The Holy Grail Of Electricity! 

He could have changed the course of history overnight… and shut down the Monopolist Energy Companies that still hold the deck of cards today. Unfortunately, the Big Energy Companies speculated that and got there first. His death literally killed the invention and kept it away from the public reach for more than 100 years. But in a secret letter that Nikola Tesla sent to Robert U. Johnson in 1902 he speaks about his NEW ENERGY GENERATOR they would not consume fuel. This letter will come to be considered as important in the history of electrical science as the papers a Franklin, Faraday and Maxwell. It takes up Tesla’s argument for a Fuelless electric power generator that does not violate any law of physics. The device supplies unlimited quantities of power WITHOUT fuel. And on top of all… it is NOT a perpetual motion machine! The first scientist to try building such a device is none other than the man who rediscovered the lost letter in Tesla’s personal chest at an auction in New Jersey after Tesla died back in 1943. In the process, he was courted by the Israeli and Japanese governments, each of which, at different times, offered one billion dollars to be paid over ten years, as well as offering royalty payments on sales, to secure the right to manufacture his Fuelless Generator. E.V. Gray thought he could do better than that, so he turned them down. He stated that he preferred to have the technology come from the United States. Henry Ford himself approached him about putting his motor in their cars. A prototype vehicle was built for them with the motor in it. Millions upon millions of dollars were invested, hundreds, if not thousands of people witnessed the motor in operation. But even with his notoriety and power he just couldn’t overcome the Ever Growing Power Companies. Instead. E.V. Gray died under suspicious circumstances in 1992. To this day, the cause of death is still mired in controversy. Unfortunately, for the same “competitive» reasons this application did not meet the success it truly deserves. Actually… the only people that put together the Fuelless Generator regardless of what the Oil in the Power Companies said where the Russians. They manage to mount a powerful fuelless generator on one of their secret surveillance aircrafts. It was brilliant. Because the Fuelless Generator does not make any noise and does not consume any fuel so it has no emissions, it was practically a detectable… and once started, it could fly for weeks or months NO matter how long the mission would take. The MIG M1 made its test flight along the coast of Africa but unfortunately the aircraft’s fuselage couldn’t withstand the difference in pressure at high altitudes and sunk in the ocean. 

So do you realize that this amazing invention might have cost us precious intelligence and could lead to peace instability? It really raises questions… Why on earth doesn’t it power my house… or my car? Well, that’s because it is a simple yet revolutionary device that uses what Tesla called Radiant energy. This is Free Energy and it’s all around us 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. 

The FREE electrical energy produced by the generator is replaced back into the motor and reused by the motor to generate 100% free electricity… a one-of-a-kind generator that is maintenance-free, and gives clean, free energy all day long WITHOUT consuming any type of fuel. This Motor Does Not Pollute The Air! And that is something NOBODY wants to have in your hands. Envisioned by Nikola Tesla in the early years of the 20th century, THE FUELLESS GENERATOR is a device that functions by a very simple principle, without the need for a wired power source. Essentially, The Fuelless Generator is able to make use of radiant energy to continually power itself and operate a generator to make free electricity. 

Here is live footage of a small-scale Fuelless Generator at work: first device was presented at the 26 Inter-Society Energy Conversion Engineering Conference in august 1991 in front of many scientists and engineers… but no one could believe what they saw… or understand the working principle of the device. But it was true! He has found a way to produce FREE ENERGY by constant motion. This is a Tesla egg. It’s a replica of the one Tesla used to demonstrate his greatest breakthrough and one of the most important inventions of all time. It showed how rotary movement can be produced directly from an alternating current. This was something that had NEVER been done before… He Was Thinking Big. But little did he know the coming up with such an innovative device will also attract the wrong kind of attention. Because in the months to come the growing Big Power Companies such as General Electric pulled the biggest suppression cover-up known in history… and ensured that everyone will have a poor opinion about Tesla and burry the Fuelless Generator and silence him for good. The same kind of suppression happened almost one hundred years ago when there were more electric cars on the road than there were gas cars. Gas cars on the other hand required cranking and produced exhaust… What happened? Why did the gas car win over the electric car? Well, I’ll tell you… Little did they know, but the Huge Oil Companies were about to pull out yet again on one of their dirty little secrets and suppress for good this marvelous invention in order to gain their Worldwide Monopoly. As the 20th century gathered speed, the electric car lost momentum. Automatic starters, cheaper oil and mass production… They did it! By 1920, the internal combustion engine had “won» the race for control of the roads. The same thing happened to Tesla when the Big Energy Companies that ruled the world that time found out about his revolutionary invention, they immediately took action… And used an unfortunate natural event to drag Tesla down and remove him forever from the electricity scene those days… The even demolished another of Tesla’s dream project - the Wardenclyffe Tower before he even had the chance to finish it. 

After Tesla died in 1943 is seen that the opportunity to see the Tesla Fuelless Engine in action and to actually use it to generate electricity and mechanical energy without depending on the Oil and Power companies… was lost. But the secret documents found created castles in the air. And With It Generating 100% Free Electricity Is Once Again Possible. 

Here Is What It Is All About: Only until a while ago, it would have been impossible to buy the Fuelless Generator from anywhere else. It still is… but this doesn’t mean you can’t use one. It’s simple! While it’s illegal to try to build the device for industrial use and sell it (because of patent encroachment), no one says you can’t build yourself one and generate your Free Electricity! It’s plain sailing! These plans will be easy to follow and will give you the confidence you need to successfully build this Generator for whatever application you may need it for. 

We have spent over 14 years researching and developing this device. It has been fully tested and proven to work by many of our customers. We have done all the work for you. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to build the Fuelless Generator. In fact, ANYONE can learn to build this device. It’s incredibly straightforward to build yet a far cry from everything you have ever seen before. You will ask yourself why on earth you haven’t heard about this earlier. But Nikola Tesla’s design wasn’t made for everyone to understand it. Simple as it was, it was still pretty difficult for the average Joe to build. And even though you can find the original plans on a few web-sites… without proper instructions and detailed explanations they are pretty useless. And that’s where we come in. We have spent over 14 years researching and developing this device and created these easy-to-follow plans that will give you the confidence you need to successfully build your own Fuelless Generator for whatever application you may need it for. 

It has been fully tested and proven to work by many of our customers. And slash your power bill by 75% or more in just a few weeks from right now. The Results Are Overwhelming. Because once you discover just how easy it is to build the Fuelless Generator, you will get instant provisions of 50%... 75% or more… without spending thousands of dollars on expensive solar panels. 

You’ll be able to get your electricity independence in just a few weeks and get unlimited amounts of free energy to… power up any kind of household appliances - from lamps and toasters to big electricity consumers like refrigerators and AC units. You can even power your entire house. And stop worrying about having to pay through your nose month after month for your electricity bill. And That’s Not All. Because the Fuelless Generator is light, portable, and powerful even on a small scale, it makes for the greatest emergency generators you could ever hope for. Unlike solar panels, it won’t get scattered off the roof by strong winds and hurricanes. That’s because you can install it in your basement or garage… even in your own backyard. And don’t worry about weather conditions for one second. And unlike any other conventional generators there are NO emissions, and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars every month on any type of fuel. In fact, there is next to nothing to spend at all… Except for a simple maintenance every once in a while, you simply turn it on and forget about it. And because it’s so silent, you won’t even notice it’s there. 

Here is footage of one complete system in action. It’s no wonder people are mad about it. In the short time we’ve made this available to everyone’s reach, customers are already getting spectacular results. 

“The Fuelless Generator blows the other guides out of the water!» “I actually purchased 2 other guides to building solar panels before I decided to purchase Fuelless Generator. I just have to say: The Fuelless Generator blows the other guides out of the water! You have a really good product here. Thanks for the time and effort put in to making this for us. Sam Levie. Michigan, US. 

And Jordan Vass from Texas says: “…you gotta’ buy this!» “ If you want to save a stack of money, you gotta’ buy this! I knew nothing about electricity and my DIY Fuelless Generator saved me a small fortune over the past few months. I’m 100% positive you can do the same as me.» 

And thousands of others who are paying now less than half of what they used to… and saving thousands of dollars every year on electricity, thanks to The Fuelless Generator. 

The main point is, if you want to “cut the cord» and free yourself from the big electric companies, you need to hear all about the Fuelless Generator Step-By-Step Guide. We have taken Nikola Tesla’s complicated designs… originally created for the industrial manufacturing of his Fuelless Generator and put them through a complete makeover, so that anyone - no matter what age or skill - can make their own electricity and even become energy independent. 

Here is what you’ll find inside the Fuelless Generator complete step-by-step plans and instructions: - How to make your own Fuelless Generator… in less than 2 hours, with a complete list of parts for under $98. - Get the inside scoop on how to make your energy project even more powerful and learn all about our scaling secret. So you can get off the grid or even get paid by the electric companies. - A simple easy to follow step-by-step guide. - A short and useful list of parts and suppliers you need to make the Fuelless Generator for under $98 in total costs. - And on top of that you get… the complete blueprints and schematics, all in full color, and easy step-by-step instructions to make your own Fuelless Generator. 

Even if you have “two left hands» and you have never constructed anything in your life! 

Remember - Nikola Tesla used this technology in the early 19th century and it is still working today… That’s why even though the Fuelless Engine isn’t something you’d call “pretty», it’s incredibly easy to build, even for a complete newbie with today’s technology and knowledge. The Fuelless Generator is a revolutionary device that already is changing thousands of lives all around the world. We have received reviews from customers saving as less as 35% on electricity… and as much as 115% (that is more than they even need for themselves). So much so that the electric company is actually sending them a check in the mail box for the electricity they produce every single month. Just imagine what you could do if you weren’t forced to pay $100 or more every single month on electricity. Or worse… if you are among those who are forced to take out $300 from their pocket for electricity every month - the Fuelless Generator could help you save more than $4700 by the end of this year. You are suddenly free to take care of other expenses… like redecorating your kitchen, or taking your wife and children to a dinner every once in a while. Or you can use the extra cash to make your retirement more enjoyable. The choice is yours! 

So it would make a lot of sense to charge a small fortune for the Fuelless Generator Guide. But we won’t do that. In fact, the only reason we’re charging a fee for these amazing documents is to cover our Research & Development costs… Even so, we won’t charge an arm and a leg for the Fuelless Generator Guide. So here’s the deal: You’ll get immediate access to all the blueprints, DIY instructions and lists of parts, tools and suppliers… for just $49.97. That’s probably less than you are paying every month for electricity… and you can recover their investment in under a month. It’s easy! 

Just click on the orange “Add to Cart» button below and you’ll be taken to our secure order page.

And the price doesn’t even matter because you’re protected by our “NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE» for a full 60 days. It’s simple! Get the Fuelless Generator Guide today… put it to the test. See how easy it is to save money on electricity with the Fuelless Generator! Watch how your meter slows down… even goes “backwards» when you plug in the Generator. And see what it is like to slash your electric bill by 50%... 75% or more… in less than a few weeks from right now. You have 60 days to decide whether this is a good investment or not. And if you’re less than excited with how much you’re saving on electricity… just contact us and we’ll give you a full refund - no hassles, no questions asked! 

So go on and click on the orange “Add to Cart» button below and get the Fuelless Generator Plans. BUT wait! Order TODAY and you’ll get the amazing bonuses absolutely FREE: “How to build your own fuelless heater». An amazing new way to heat your home, basement or garage; learn how to build this amazing device to eat your entire home - $37 value; ORDER TODAY and you get this guide ABSOLUTELY FREE! “Build a Tesla Turbine». Learn how to build your own Tesla turbine that can run on steam or compressed air - A fun project $27 in value - ORDER TODAY and you get this FREE! “The Spiral Coil Generator». A super high efficiency home generator designed to be used with our Fuelless Generator or with other free energy or high efficiency motors. You can build our generator to run any size home! You need to move fast! This isn’t the first time we try to make Nikola Tesla’s work public, so this won’t be online for long.

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