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Aerial Energy Generator

“I really shouldn’t be showing you this…» This is a story that was never to be told… a “cloak-and-dagger» mystery… The demise of the Power Plant supremacy… A true story about the fight of one man against the power holders of the world: “the BIG energy corporations». Find out the methods used by the Energy Fat Cats to silence “threats»… ground-breaking inventions of people that wanted nothing else than to improve the way of life for us all! Keep reading any you too will discover how to use an amazing WWII invention to slash your power bills by 55%, 68%, 81% or MORE… and save an excess of $2500 per year… so you can finally break free from Big Energy’s World Domination. 

I’m talking about a little device that really threaten the “leaders» of the “free world»… and made its debut in grand style… In the summer of 1928, inventor Franz Zeppelin achieved what no one else had done before. In front of millions of eye-witnesses, the airship Graf Zeppelin (named after his father) took off on a world premiere voyage. The plan was to circumnavigate the globe using the first aircraft to complete such an outstanding journey. The trip was a complete success… German ingenuity at its greatest… But even though the flight had been successful, many people in high society were skeptical about the method used. And they had every right to be skeptical… Because this Zeppelin’s journey was completed way too fast, and made no stops for refueling! 

So how could that be… Well… Unknown to anyone, Franz had an ace up his sleeve. An invention that should have changed the world… A small device that took the massive airship all around the globe in one clean continuous flight. 

The “Luftbild Energie Generator» as he called it, or Aerial Energy Generator, was a result of 13 years of research, work and advanced testing. Small enough to fit in a suitcase, but powerful enough to drive a 70 ton airship through the air. That’s exactly why this innovative device pose such a big threat to the Energy Companies. As you know, at any given time, there were electric cars… Successful or not… As they all pose a threat to the Oil and Energy Companies, none made it to the production line. Franz’s generator was small and lightweight, could be mounted on any car, inside any house while being lightweight enough to just pack it and go! And best of all, as long as you have the sky above you, there was no limit to the power it produced. But we still have a chance. That’s because… This amazing device is still in our grasp! So, we can still make this happen: Imagine turning on every guzzler inside your home such as air conditioners and big screen TVs without ever worrying about the huge bill dropped at your door step. 

This is not a dream! 

Franz Zeppelin powered his company’s aircraft with zero costs, emissions and no fossil fuels for over 1 million miles! And fortunately for us, it’s not too late to use this amazing invention ourselves. As hard as the Energy Companies tried to suppress this intriguing device, the blueprints in Franz’ original prototype were found. We are among the few that got the chance to study the Aerial Gen up-close. Big Energy hasn’t got to us yet, thus, we’re still able to spread this amazing knowledge. So, we took Franz’ design one step further… And, after more than 70 years after his death Franz Zeppelin’s suppressed Aerial Energy Generator is now revived and perfected. And in a couple minutes you will see real footage of it in action! 

The undeniable proof that the Aerial Generator is real and it works… 

It’s an amazing device that will change your life and obliterate those oversized power bills! And now, you too can use this electrical milestone to slash your bills by an excessive 80%, declare war on the power companies and win your much deserved energy independence. Best of all… you can even get completely off the grid with a few mods you can make in your spare time! 

But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret! This is not only an opportunity to Save Money… This is actually a huge opportunity to Make Money! Think about it… you could teach others how to become free of the hungry grid and make money out of the lessons given… Or, you could build Aerial Gens yourself in order to gain as much as you can from this amazing experience. 

But first… sit back and listen to the unbelievable story of Aerial Generator inventor, Count Franz Zeppelin. Franz Zeppelin was born in August 1901, in Konstanz Germany, to Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin and Countess Isabella. He attended the Military academy and followed a career in the army by his father’s wish. But he never gave up his one true passion. Mechanics and electrical engineering… His focus on free energy began in 1919, a year after the end of WWI, in a defeated Germany that had millions of Reich Marks debts to the US and Russia. “It’s imperative that we must try to produce electricity from any alternative source and do it very quickly», Franz told his friends. So, he finished his most precious invention in 1927… And, he put his device to the test: He secretly mounted his generator on the Graf Zeppelin air ship and with it accomplished a non-stop trip around the world. That demonstration of Free Electricity brought Franz Zeppelin into the eyes of the ever-growing Nazi Party and with it the Big Energy holders. The Nazis decided… Franz should Sell Out or Sit On It! As one of his friends recalls a phone call to Franz’ home in 1930: “He turned to me and said, ‘They just offered me $100 million. Should I take it?’ I said, ‘Hell yes. How much money do you want?’ He got very quiet. When he got into that thinking process, I just let him alone», Franz’ friend recalled. But Franz didn’t sell out, nor sit on it, because… Franz Zeppelin was a true free visionary. And despite the huge amount of money offered by the power holders, he never accepted a cent. He continued his work on perfecting the Aerial Generator. In 1932 he announced that he was on the break developing a new transformer that would allow him to amplify the power output 22 times. A transformer like that could have powered an entire neighborhood from nothing but thin air. Thus ensuring a new way of life for humanity worldwide… But THIS was the last straw! This last announcement pushed Big Oil to act on its threats… A decision that would lead to a Cloak and Dagger mystery! Franz’ friend Joseph recalls: “After more than 15 years of research in tinkering, it was time to celebrate. 

Me, Franz and two Belgian investors raised glasses in the ‘Prinz und Koenig’ pub in Hamburg on March 20, 1934. He took a sip of cranberry juice. Then he grabbed his neck, bolted out the door, dropped to his knees and vomited violently. I ran outside and asked him, ‘What’s wrong?’ He said, ‘They poisoned me.’ That was his dying declaration.» The coroner’s report stated that Franz’ death was a result of a brain aneurism… And although Hamburg police ran an investigation for three months, everything was eventually covered up by the higher bidders in the Big Energy business. But even though they got Franz silenced, Big Energy didn’t foresee what was yet to come. Because… Franz Zeppelin’s legacy lives on! Franz’ death only raised the spirits… 

His invention didn’t die with him. It actually resurrected from his ashes just like the Phoenix… And it’s now more powerful, improved and perfected than it ever has been. How that happened is not a surprise. We as a species have the call for being independent. And breaking the chains of the Energy Monopolists in this century’s fight to be won. And now, we got the perfect weapon for it… The Aerial Energy Generator! 

This is the one thing that would lead us to fossil fuels independence. But before you join the fight, you need to know… 

How It All Works: The basic principle of this amazing invention is extremely simple. Actually, you may have learned about it in the 6th grade while in physics class… It’s called radio energy. Now, where does all this electricity come from? Two sources actually: man-made (radio stations, mobile communication relays) and natural (the Earth’s resonance field). But the good news is you can tap into this amazing power source yourself. This amazing process is the electricity Nirvana! It is physics and chemistry heaven all combined. Your generator runs on thin air and produces free electricity 24/7. It’s Mother Nature’s dream come true! And, believe it or not… - It’s incredibly simple to build (but you really need to think outside the box to understand why it works). - It requires almost no maintenance at all (just turn it on and ago). - It doesn’t depend on whether (actually, it doesn’t even depend on day-night changes). - There are no dangerous fumes or emissions, no CO2 nor greenhouse gases. - And it’s basically “set and forget»: just build it, test it, use it, and then you forget you ever had it - while you enjoy a life without the fear of ever-growing electricity prices. 

There is one problem though, and that is… You cannot buy an Aerial Energy Generator from the store! 

There are Aerial Gen plans on the Internet, but none following the original design of Franz Zeppelin… None so efficient and reliable… The Big Energy Corporations did their best to seal off his invention to the world… But we found a way to get our hands on the prototype design built by Zeppelin himself. 

We actually got our chance for a quick peek at his beloved generator. The one that wrote history when powering the Graf Zeppelin airship. A nephew of a longtime friend of Franz’, who doesn’t want to be named because he fears that people will bother him about the invention, led us to the basement of his Brazil property recently. “I really shouldn’t be showing you this», he said. After passing through several darkened room scattered with computers and electrical equipment, he opened the door. In the far corner on a work bench in his garage sat the generator partially covered with a cloth. Then the man quickly led the way out. Lights went dark. Doors clicked shut. In his living room, he sat in an armchair and sipped fruit punch. He watched soccer on his big-screen plasma while feeding it from the grid. After leaving the premises, we said to ourselves… This couldn’t be the end! So, we set out to make Franz’ invention known to the world and prove that… Electricity can indeed come from thin air… and provide a simple step-by-step “walkthrough» of how to build the Aerial Energy Generator - even if you have two thumbs and failed shop class. 

So, we went way beyond the usual “DIY guide»… and we actually demonstrated a working generator - along with clear, step-by-step instructions and complete video guides on how you can build it yourself. Take a look at this short video demonstrating an Aerial Energy Generator in action. And Yes! You’ve witnessed the Franz Zeppelin Aerial Gen at work. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we first flip the switch on. It’s amazing how something so common as radio waves in the surrounding air… can power up light bulbs and other electricity hogs. With the Aerial Energy Generator you can power-up any household appliance… from the refrigerator to washing machines, air conditioners or power tools. 

The opportunities are limitless, just like your source of energy. This is indeed Electricity independence and its greatest! There will be no more power bills… just flip the switch and go! And remember… building the Generator may have been a monumental task on your own. But with our step-by-step video “walkthrough» it’s as easy as turning on the kitchen lights. But the fact is, you don’t have to be an engineer to make your own Aerial Energy Generator. Even if you’re all thumbs, you can pull this through without a whistle. 

Here’s what a few of the now-energy independent pioneers have to say: 

“When I started building the Aerial Energy Generator, I was a bit concerned that it would be too technical. I mean… I’m not a tech guy at all. But the instructions were clear and easy to follow and I’m thrilled with the end result. Thanks for putting out a great guide and helping the average Joe like me», says Kevin Mollner from San Francisco. 

And Josh Harb from Narre Warren, Australia says: “I’m not new to alternative energy. I had a solar system installed by a provider here in Australia for six months now. I was seeing improvements, however I wanted to try your system as well. I have to say that your system is simpler, and it’s also a lot more efficient. Previous system was saving me about 25-30% off my usual power bill, your system saves me 82%. What can I say… Hats off to you. That’s proof for you that it works in any location.» 

And these are just a few of the people who’ve used this amazing device to slash their power bills, or even make this a family business. But in order to achieve at least what one of the above did, you’ll find out that time is of the essence! And I’ll tell you why: As you know, we got a hold of these plans opening some pretty thick doors… And used our entire arsenal of leverage in order to get them. We were as careful as can be, for our lives depended on how well we erased our tracks. Our actions should have the effect of a wave in a pond when it comes to you! So, we want everybody to seize their opportunity in this and make a move before it’s too late… Because when something so small but so powerful threatens Big Energy’s multi-billion dollar empire, its big machine comes into action, hunting down any little website that provides information on this amazing Generator! So it’s just a matter of time until they get to us… Now… We can’t give you the Generator… But that doesn’t mean we can’t show you how to make one yourself… As you know, we have documented the entire process of constructing a fully operational Aerial Energy Generator and we are ready to show it off to the world! By now, you must be wondering what’s the mind-blowing price for this amazing knowledge… Well… Let me tell you… Pricing was the most difficult thing to do… Actually, getting a hold of the plans for the Generator was way easier than making this here decision. Even so, from the moment we first set out to getting them until we finally got the plans is in our hands, a lot had been spent… A huge amount of time, tons a bribe money and the research and testing investment. But all that doesn’t matter now. We are here to make this work for all of us… Think about it… It’s a ground-breaking piece of technology. One that would set a milestone in aircraft and energy history… So no one could really put a real price on it. Considering the implications, it would be a steal even at $20.000. But you already know, we are not in this for the money. This is something that everyone on this planet, who wants to stop bleeding cash to Big Energy should know. Just think about how good it would be to save an extra $250 per month on your power bill. That’s $3000 a year… and hundreds of thousands of dollars saved over a lifetime. 

In fact, this amazing Generator will prove itself extremely useful in many aspects of your life. - You will be saving a truckload of cash each day/month/year. - You will be among the few who really care and take action for our fragile Environment. - It will be a social connector with the other extraordinary people who have installed an Aerial Energy Generator for a better life. - In any group, you will always have the upper-hand. You will always be at a much higher level than the rest. Because you are the one not owing a red cent to the Power Companies! - You will become a guru among your friends and relatives. The one that tricked the fossil fuels. Everybody will come to you for help and information providing them the secret underneath your roof. - Not only save hundreds of thousands of dollars, but also make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because this is new and uncharted territory! People want their own generators… Be the one to truly profit from this. And these are only a few have the improvements you will see over the years, apart from the hundreds of thousands of dollars you’ll be saving. That’s why we’re only asking for a fraction of what this device is truly worth. In fact, this bargain will cost you less than what you save by using it for one month! 

So here’s the deal: 

You can get the Aerial Energy Generator blueprints and video guides, along with all the instructions you need to make your own Aerial Generator - for just $49.97 and not a cent more. Within this amazing package you will find: 1. The Aerial Energy Generator - The reference blueprint + video guides for the simplest and most efficient Aerial Energy Generator. 2. 3 amazing bonuses that will make your green life easier. These extra bonuses are worth at least over $200. However, you get them for FREE, just for trying the Aerial Energy Generator. 

So go on - click the orange “Add to Cart» button below and gain access to this amazing technology now… while it’s still available. And really, the price doesn’t even matter.

That’s because you’re protected by OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FOR A FULL 60 DAYS! Here’s what it’s all about: You have 60 days to put our claims to the test. You need to be absolutely thrilled with the amount you’re saving each month or simply let us know, and we will promptly refund you the full purchase price, down to the last cent. It’s our trusted 3rd party retailer AVANGATE’s policy to honor all requests within 60 days. So you could be 100% assured your purchase is risk-free. Just look through it, build the generator and experience yourself the dramatic results! To claim your copy of the Aerial Energy Generator risk-free, just click the orange button below. 

You’ll be taken to a secure order form where you’ll be asked for your info, so you can gain access to our special members area. However, This Is Your Last Chance To Be Among The Lucky Ones! Because you’ll have to act fast. Even as you’re listening to this presentation, the legal hounds of the Energy Companies are closing in on their target. And not only will this opportunity be gone in the future, you’ll probably never hear about Franz Zeppelin’s Arial Energy Generator again… That’s because Big Energy has a good reason to be scared beyond belief. This new power source is available to absolutely anyone on this planet… And the generator is both inexpensive and easy to make. It’s plain, simple and accessible! Simply try the Aerial Energy Generator today. You risk nothing… We want you to be absolutely thrilled and amazed with the amount you’re saving each month, or simply let us know and will promptly refund you the full purchase price, so all this experience wouldn’t have cost you a single red cent. You’ve seen the proof that this works, and in less than a month, you WILL see the dramatic results for yourself. The road to Energy independence starts with the push of a button. So click the orange “Add to Cart» button below… claim your “Energy freedom»… and see for yourself how it feels to be independent and leave the hungry grid behind.

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